1. S

    C63 front tyres - 245 30 19 - wrong ones

    Mod please delete as double post
  2. S

    C63 front tyres - 245 30 19 - wrong ones

    Folks Like an absolute numpty, I ordered 245 30 19 Michelin PSS from camskill instead of 2453519 to try and go slightly wider on the front of my c63. Looking at the two tyres, there seem to be some diameter differences and circumference variances. Can I still fit them? Not worried about...
  3. M

    Wanted 245 40 18 winter tyres

    Im After Winter tyres in 245 40 18. Full set
  4. T5R+

    245 on 8J and 8.5J Rims

    Need to refurb my wheels 245/40 x 18 on 8 x 18 Front 264/35 x 18 on 8.5 x 18 Rear and have the option to run my car on 245/45 x 18 on 8 x 18 Front 245/45 x 18 on 8.5J x 18 Rear for a couple of weeks whilst mine are away. Appreciate that the 245/45 are marginally taller and may foul...
  5. c55

    1 x Bridgestone Potenza Tyre 245 40 18 97 Y

    1 x Bridgestone Potenza Tyre 245 40 18 97 Y Alloy Rim in picture, Not included Removed from CLS Alloy and surplus to requirements No Repair, Tread Depth 5.7 to 6 mm £45.00 Cash on collection Collection from West London or Bucks
  6. dynamicq

    245 40 17 part worn/new tyres - a pair

    Well the title has it all. Can collect around cambridgeshire oxfordshire north east west london etc.
  7. tromppost

    245 40 18 Dunlop SP 01 5mm tread

    Two 245 40 18 Dunlop SP 01 5mm tread no punctures or damage, evenly worn. £20 for the pair collection from SL4.
  8. S

    Tyres for Facelift S211 E320CDI 245 45 R17 best choice?

    Hi, I need new summer tyres for 56 E320CDI Estate. Current tyres are 245 45 ZR17 99Y. I have the following questions: 1. When I search by registration number the size is 225 45 R17. Has the previous owner put modified wheels or is it a standard set up? 2. Load rating: should it be 95 0r 99? (I...
  9. I

    18" tyres 245 40 R18 and 275 35 R18

    Longshot but I was wondering if anyone had any tyres in good nick that they had lying around. Im after 2x 245 40 R18 and 2x 275 35 R18 with a load rating of 95 or greater. Let me know what you have. Thanks Ivan
  10. N

    4 AMG Aero II 17 x 7½ ET35 202 400 0302 wheels w/ nearly new 245 45 ZR17 tyres. £395

    A set of four genuine AMG 17" x 7½J ET 35 wheels with the part # HWA 202 400 03 02. These came from the C200 / C36 rep I'm breaking - http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/classifieds-general-sale/161803-breaking-96-w202-c200-sport-black-leather-c36-bodykit-17-amgs-moonroof-sch%E4tz.html The tyres...

    4 x 245 45 17 Continental / Michelins required for R129 SL320

    Looking for four new tyres, OEM ideally. Any suggestions on suppliers doing four for price of three would be most helpful too!!
  12. R

    2x 245 40 17 tyres

    im after two tyres in the size 245 40 17 has to have good tread and be good quality continental, bridgestone,pirelli etc. let me know what you have
  13. J

    mixing 245 rear and 215 fronts. Is it ok, safe@

    Ts it safe to have 245s on the rear and 215's on the front. AMG standard MB rims on a CLK320
  14. J

    mixing 245 rear and 215 frontsis it ok, safe@

    repeat sorry repeat, can't find the delete button
  15. D

    Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 245 40 ZR18 93Y

    I have replaced both front tyres on my car due to one having an egg in the sidewall so have one part-worn spare. The tread is 4-5mm accross the tread but I will say 4mm to be on the safe side. There is a bit more wear to one edge (see photos). No sidewall damage nor puncture repairs. These...
  16. kit17

    Nokian ZG2 245 x 40 R17 91Y For sale

    I have for sale a pair of Part Worn Nokian ZG2's 245x40 R17 91Y I would say they have about 4-5mm left on them (see wear indicator on pics) The grip from these is excellent, very close to the Michelin Pilots I had before. See Link Nokian Z G2 These are currently £124 each on Mytyres...
  17. mbzclk

    Wanted: 245 40 R17 Tyres (x2)

    Hi I'm looking for 2x 245 / 40 / R17 Only Conti's, Michelin's, Pirelli etc... Looking for 6mm + Please let me know... collection pref'd - London / Essex area. However if you have excellent tyres then I will arrange collection / courier. Thanks
  18. matty.13

    can i run 245 45 17 ?

    hi can i run 245 45 17 tyres instead of 245 40 17 on the rears ? many thanks
  19. K

    W203 245 Tyres - Any Advice

    I have a C350 SC and the back tyres are nearing replcement, wear is pretty even but some cracks are appearing on the edges and tread has probably a month left. The current tyres are Dunlop Sport 8080. Grip has been great in a straight line in the dry, questionable in the wet but since this is...
  20. J

    Michelin Pilot Sport 245 40 19 for CL500 or 55

    On that famous Bay of E :-) Michelin Pilot Sport 245 40 19 on eBay (end time 15-Jul-09 16:37:51 BST) Cheap as chips considering the prices of the others. If a forum member wins it I'll do the postage for £6 if you let me know your forum name. Cheers Jonny
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