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    Summer savings + 25% off Discount code

    Shop Now: Shop: Summer Essentials Intex Easyset Round Swimming Pool (small) -http://bit.ly/1UfyFVU Swimming Pool (Medium) -http://bit.ly/25jRg8z Summer essentials- Summer Essentials :bannana::bannana::bannana:
  2. E

    Up to 25% OFF Performance parts INSTANTLY

    Let me Create a personalised discount code for you. It's just a question of sending me a link to the part you're after. I will then send you a tailored discount code in minutes. Let me know. :D:D:D Seyi. :bannana::bannana::bannana: Add us on...
  3. E

    Flash Sale at EuroCarParts: 25% OFF EVERYTHING

    Flash Sale at EuroCarParts 25% OFF EVERYTHING Ends midnight tonight!
  4. E

    SAVE 25% Off Meguiars MT320 Deluxe Polisher Kit (Unit + Pads + Extras)

    Meguiars MT320 Deluxe Polisher Kit (Unit + Pads + Extras) Get excellent results with ease of use and a beautiful shine that lasts!! Shop Now: Meguiars MT320 Deluxe Polisher Kit (Unit + Pads + Extras) Features: Digital torque management, electronically adjusts torque to maintain speed...
  5. Toobad

    *TODAY ONLY* 25% off at Euro Car Parts (includes Sonax BSD)

    Use the promotional code HOLIDAY25 at Checkout to get 25% off your Cart and, as always, Economy Delivery is free. If you are local and can do £40 on Click & Collect, they will throw in 5 litres of screenwash for free too. Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer for £5.24 delivered - What's not to like...
  6. cws196

    ECP 25% discount code invaled but advertised on the start page of this site!

    As above, there's a live advert for code MBCLUB25 on the homepage of this site (and has been there for the previous 2days as well), but when you go to enter the code on the ECP site, it says 'invalid' - just called ECP and they said it's because they currently have a 10% discount code...
  7. W

    tyres 25% more expensive than last year

    Has anyone else noticed that tyres seem to be quite a bit more expensive than this time last year. I'd expect maybe a 5% increase due to inflation, material, transport costs etc, but 25%. What's driven this price up, or is it just the specific size I'm after 205/55/16?
  8. 24karrat

    Kwik Fit 25% offer

    I've seen kwik fit before every tax year promoting 25% off 4 tyres. I called 4 different KF stores and getting different answers every time. 4 x Pirelli P7 225/50/16 = £124 each, without the valve, tyre disposal ect is £111.30 each, 111.30 x 3 is £333.90, but the cheapest quote i got so far...
  9. E

    Bish Bash BOSCH! – 25% Off Selected Bosch Parts...

    Hi Guys , Today we launched an email promo offering 25% off on Bosch Wipers, Filters & Batteries (remember.. the exclusive forum discount will work on these...and much more! :D)... Also... don’t forget our ‘Oil Bonanza’ offer – 30% Off ALL Engine Oils!! *Tip For The Weekend* – If you need...
  10. U

    25% Off Xbox360 Console @ Sainsburys

    Was in our local Sainsburys last night and see this offer they had of 25% of the Xbox360 250gig console. So £154.99 is the cheapest ive seen, good deal for anyone looking to buy one or one for xmas ;) 25% off accessories too!
  11. E

    25% off All Meguiars Valeting for MBC Members - ONLINE only!

    Hi Guys Did You Know - Euro Car Parts are the 3rd largest stockist of Meguairs products in the UK! We stock the complete range, and to help keep you cars clean we are giving you 25% off EVERYTHING! Most Popular Products: Meguiars Hot Rims - Retail Price: £8.99 Forum Price...
  12. KillerHERTZ

    Play.com Blu Ray 25% off selected films

    Sale on at play.com, enter the code BLUFEB for an addtional 25% off! HERE I have just bought the Blu Ray ALIEN Anthology for £20.99 delivered! :bannana:
  13. BlackC55

    Upto 25% discount for MBclub members on genuine Mercedes Benz brake parts.

    I have a very special offer on geniune Mercedes brake parts. I can offer 20% discount (plus delivery) on all brake pads, discs and wear sensors for all Mercedes Benz passenger cars. I can offer a 25% discount on the parts if we fit them at the workshop also. This offer is for forum members...
  14. O

    Oilman’s Easter Event: 25% - 35% off (nearly) everything at Opie Oils!

    Folks, If you didn't already know... as a user of this forum you’ll get a discount of up to 20%, and at least 10% at Opie Oils… And as one of our rare but wonderful across-the-board offers, you can get an additional 15% off using voucher code OPIEEGG, and there’s no minimum spend either...
  15. Satch

    25% drop in second hand car prices possible

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2099060/Second-hand-cars-prices-%27will-fall-by-25-per-cent%27-this-year.html Ah the leaden hand of a tax raising Government at work "Adrian Rushmore, managing editor of Glass's, said: "This is among the worst, if not the worst, additional change in prices...
  16. mercmanuk

    autopia 25% discount

    porta cable polisher £82 inc shipping 25% off all goods bargain especially if you pay to have your car detailed and see what they do for the money £300-£400 when you go to checkout you type polisher in the voucher code box
  17. stats007

    KwikFit 25% discount on 4 Michelin Tyres

    I see KwikFit are offering this discount again - 15% off of 2 tyres - 25% off of 4. I know they're expensive to start with but this discount makes them the cheapest I've seen and they're doing MoTs (booked online) for £45 and aircon re-gas for the same. I was thinking of Pirelli PZero Rossos...
  18. P

    W210 - Rust - 25% offer by MB

    My 2000 E - class has a spot of rust coming from the number plate bar rubbing the body work above the nuber plate. Unfortuneately the car does not have a MB service history - but I still submitted a claim to MB for a warranty repair - after all service history would not have stopped the...
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