1. jonnyboy

    wanted - 3 seat small/med van - £2500 max

    All Business reorganisation means I am selling my L200 and need a van to join the fleet. Prefer to buy from known sources. Will consider a damaged/faulty/project at the right price but that doesn't mean rusty old tat as it needs to look presentable and earn me, not my mechanic, some...
  2. G

    C43 AMG 1999 S reg. £2500

    C43 AMG 1999 S reg 112 k from new 11 months mot Tons of history and masses of paper works Original books,tools, over carpets etc Completely standard Silver with full black leather Glass sunroof Electric folding mirrors Factory xenon' with washers Fire extinguisher All the...
  3. U

    Vito Wanted 638 or 639. Cash waiting up to £2500

    I'm based in Kent but will travel 100 miles or so. Thanks:thumb:
  4. gunning

    After a project! £2500 budget?

    Right I'm after a little project nothing where it's actually rotten but something rare/ interesting. E36 estates, w126 sec's or short wheel base w126 se. SL's etc Or anything else really interesting? Even a clean car I can just bring up to immaculate would be good! Anybody got anything...
  5. Skhan

    Skoda Fabia VRS 1.9 Tdi 2007 £2500

    Cat D as someone decided to jump on the roof. Other wise a very clean car
  6. T

    Wanted ML < £2500

    Hi All I am looking for an early ML as a second car for work down South (live in Scotland). Trying to contain cost but want to make sure I get a car with service history that somebody knows. So many nails on AutoTrader and eBay. Appreciate any suggestions from forum members.
  7. R120

    1998 C43 For Sale £2500

    1998 C43 AMG Silver £2500 TAX end of May 2013 MOT till end of November 2013 172,115 miles Selling as i have just bought a C43 Estate due to a new arrival and then need for more space! Idea was to mechanically sortlast year, then do cosmetic this year, when wether improved but family...
  8. 300CE

    Mercedes-Benz CL500 2000/W - Needs TLC - BIN £2500

    Not sure if the suspension problem is an easy fix? Mercedes-Benz CL500 5.0 auto - 2000 W | eBay
  9. S

    Drivers face a £2500 fine for splashing pedestrians

    I guess the council will be digging bigger holes to ensure non of the surface water drains off. http://driving.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/driving/article3080454.ece Alex.
  10. D

    Mercedes 600 £2500

    Too late guys, it's gone. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ORIGINAL-BARN-FIND-MERCEDES-CLASSIC-GRAND-600_W0QQitemZ140161948537QQihZ004QQcategoryZ31360QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  11. aka$h

    '93 White e320 Coupe AMG kit £2500

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=013&item=230033705426 Not a big fan of white, but its not bad for the money, no mention of mileage tho. Seems fully loaded, memory seats, aircon, cruise, heated seats (not sure about the seller saying the rears are heated??), etc.
  12. marc777

    Hands free car kit £2500

    Given the new rules thought I would enquire into hands fere kit for my E270 cdi. £2500 ! I am told that there is no aftermarket product other than MB that will work the phone through the steering wheel and stereo. I am not bothered too much about being able to use the button on the wheel...
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