1. sgh

    C Class Cabriolet C300 or 250d?

    Looking to change to either of these, I know the 250d engine well but test drove the C300 and really liked it. Trouble is, I'll do around 25k miles. Should me head or my heart win!?
  2. MSG2004

    AFT change on 250d GLE/M Class

    Hello I've had a look through my cars manual a brand new gle we bought in April. Don 5:5k on the car, expecting to average 7k a year. If I read the manual correctly, AFTF chang 5th year? When the car is 12 months old, nearer the time I will check how much a stand alone service costs, A...
  3. Steve260E

    Gangster 250D W124

    This 250D up for £1100 on autotrader. Sorry to the owner but it looks awful, including the fake Carbon Fibre interior :confused: Mercedes-Benz 250 2.5 D 4dr
  4. MSG2004

    Latest 250d - How many Turbos?

    Hello Looked at the engine bay today for the first time since we bought out brand new GLE 250d amg-line. Does it have one large and one small turbo? Looked up the internet, can't tell s little info re the face-lift model. Thanks.
  5. rangy

    205 c class 250d sport,conversion to c63

    I have purchased a C Class 205 250d Sport 2015 (bought outright 3 months old) I was not happy with it,the trim was a disgrace coming from Mercedes with its fake exhaust trim and see this on lots of models. However,I thought i would change the look myself,so i did some research and came up with...
  6. Jay2512

    GLC 250d 10k miles in

    After munching just over 10,000 miles since collection in December thought I'd give those interested an update on the GLC. I was excited at first collection following the rejection of my problematic S205 and hoped the GLC would restore faith in the MB. So over the miles these are my...
  7. T

    W205 250d Service Costs

    Hi all I have a new C Class arriving early December and was wondering whether to take the service package at £30 per month. I will do 15k per year so one service a year. Is it really cheaper than just paying for each service? Thanks Steve
  8. E

    Need some help on my new 250d serpentine belt numbers

    Recently purchased a european model 250d i need some info on the belt part numbers. Vehicle has no airconditioning on it just power steering. I am not sure which belt it uses. Anyone has a 250d or know the part numbers of the belt that would be appreciated.
  9. DanMorgan

    W124 250D Manual

    Picking up this tomorrow - what are peoples thought? MERCEDES 250D W124 RARE MANUAL GEARBOX LEATHER ALLOYS 13 MONTH MOT 6 MONTHS TAX | eBay
  10. I

    Fuel Consumption W124 250D.

    What should I expect to get? Presume the manual gearbox will be a little bit easier on fuel. (Don't expect to get massive MPG but just as this is my first Mercedes I'd like to know what's right within reason, I cannot find a thread for the fuel consumption of W124 250D).
  11. M

    W124 250D starting issue.

    Hi all, Slowly but surely my 250D is coming back to life. Latest problem is engine/starter related (I hope). The car starts first time every time but once the engine has been turned off it struggles (or simply doesn't start at all) to start again. The engine is turning over but nothing...
  12. J

    Orthopedic seat, 1987 W124 250D

    Hey guys, I have a taxi-spec 250D 1987, and it's got what seems to be an orthopedic seat. (driver's side only) There's not a lot of material on this, apparently they were more common in the SELs. Mine doesn't seem to work - if it does, then the amount of air going into the back support...
  13. allias

    How much for decent W124 250D?

    As in topic. Friend of mine got K reg W124 250D OM602 engine with 145k miles fully serviced. All works fine but its a simple cloth interior. It doesnt have bells and whisles but engine and gearbox is 100% perfect condition as its been always looked after to smallest detail. Body is in tact but...
  14. T

    Building w124 250d 1988

    Hi everyone, I have very limited technical knowledge and I need some advice. I have right hand drive w124 e250 diesel 1997 (imported from India I think w124 stopped in uk on 1995) and I am abroad now I would like to use parts from this car to build 1988 250d left hand drive. The reason I...
  15. S

    Wiper problem? on my c 250d

    Hi my wiper on my c 250d has started playing up, sometimes it takes a while to do a sweep, sometimes it sweeps for ages then stops"in mid sweep!:doh: happened twice last few days when raining heavy and on the motorway, lucker ,ly i manage to pull off, anybody got any idea,s or come across this...
  16. S

    merc c 250d auto

    L redg ,101,000 mls tax end may, ex condition , starts / runs mint, (running on bio ) just fitted tow bar ,oil /filter /engine filter, gear box / diff oil,rad flush , elec mirror/ sunroof/ windows, gen bargin £1200 only down side 3 rust spots on one door and thats it" car in manchester,
  17. S

    Mercedes 250D Sump gasket (official)

    Bought in error so unfitted. Pictures + model number here. Likely to fit the 300D but do check first. No price, I don't know how much they are worth so get the best price you can then I'll knock a 1/3 off and do free postage. :thumb: Adings - Mercedes 250D Diesel Sump gasket (official)
  18. sl300 ireland

    w124 250d whats it worth

    110,000 miles 2 owners MB history to 92,000 good adverage condition
  19. S

    w124 / 250D Clicking noise and felt through brake pedal

    I have a clicking noise coming through the brake pedal at about 3 sec intervals and with a definite pattern. It clicks twice and I can feel a pulse through the brake pedal. Upon inspection the noise appears to be coming from the part in the picture (bosch silver things). ABS is working and...
  20. S

    250D / 190 Diff needed (or similar)

    It's the smaller one that fits several w124 models with the smaller engines both petrol and diesel. I'll consider any ratio if not massively off the original. Cheers, Andrew
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