1. B

    250TD Sport (W202) 1997 Auto

    Anyone know part no. Of coolant pipe for auto transmission or where to get one:wallbash:
  2. tron

    250TD fan and water pump removal.

    As far as I was concerned this morning, tracing the water loss to the pump was good news. Obviously I would have preferred it to be a dodgy O ring on the coolant tank cap but as it wasn't the head gasket, I was fairly happy. Reality check. They put it together with Torx headed bolts. Order...
  3. V

    My W124 250TD

    Purchased afew months ago now but i'll start from the beginning, whilst looking for a car to replace my wifes ageing VW Passat, i came across this RHD car on the French classifieds (i am a expat myself), the car seems good a little green where parked up but it turned out to be one owner from new...
  4. S

    Blower problem w124 / 250TD

    Hellow all, my "old girl" is a 1988 250 TD (diesel) WDB1241851F089505 over a million Kms. For many years the blower fan has stopped after a matter of an hour or so. I can re-start it by turning the ignition off and on and in an hour it will stop again. In days with high ambient temperatures it...
  5. tron

    S202 250TD advice sought, please.

    1998 model first registered August 1998. Does my car (I haven't collected it yet) Have a cat? If it does, can I neuter it? If I can, should I? Thank you.
  6. S

    W124 250TD parts for sale

    All from an 88 TD: Radiator - less than a year old Pre-facelift grille and three-pointed star, good enough but not perfect Both headlights Both tail light clusters Clear front indicators Ignition barrel, two keys and home-made removal tool (barrel is a pattern part) NS electric mirror, black...
  7. I

    w124 250TD, lovely bolster, bit scabby!

    mercedes 250 diesel estate ideal export | eBay I'll have to have a little bid at this.
  8. W

    w202 250td problem

    hi just started my car this morning coming to work and its doing a very strange thing the lights on the instrument cluster are intermittently blinking and the temp and rpm gauge drops to zero the rad,esp,glow etc all lights come on then dissapear is this the beginings of a alternator prob?
  9. dodgy26

    Mercedes C Class estate 250td door lock mechanism

    I am looking for a nsf door lock mechanism for a 1998 w202 C class estate 2.5td or a part number or if the lock from another w202 C class of the same year or there abouts will fit. Thank you
  10. dodgy26

    Water pump for a 98 c class 250td estate

    My water pump has started to leak, does anyone know what model of pump I need and roughly what a garage should be charging to replace the pump.My Merc is a 98 (r) 250TD estate Thanks :-)
  11. dodgy26

    Mercedes C Class estate 250td windows not working

    Hi to everyone, I have just purchased an old 1998 C class estate 250TD, It looks and runs great and I will post some pictures soon, I have a problem with the windows and mirrors, Firstly none of the windows or mirrors work from the centre console, I have had a look at the console and I can only...
  12. S

    Rain in Spain and my 250TD

    I've had my 250 TD Kombi for twenty years in Spain and each year in February when it rains it floods in the passenger foot well. Each year I try to fix it and I have never been able to get it dry. What it isn't is 1/ sunroof drain holes 2/ drain holes left and right and center. 3/ heater It...
  13. guydewdney

    W202 250TD massive loss of power

    Started losing power a while back, along with visible air in the fuel lines - so I naturally thought the air was the cause. finally got round to fixing the air leak today, but it hasnt cured the problem. symptoms: car starts perfectly and idles smoothly, albeit with a very slight diesel...
  14. B

    w202 250TD gearbox not shifting?

    Hi there! I've just bought a '96 C250TD w202 with a broken diff.. I changed that, and i though everything was well - Wrong! I have some box problems.. When shift it in D, and drive away, it accelerates to the first shift marker in the speedo, and then it tops at 4500 rpm. and that it.. I...
  15. guydewdney

    wanted - w202 estate 250TD

    yes - I know its a S202... :wallbash: any spec, 202 estate turbo diesel, auto, pref with towbar, south west based. 1500 quid cash waiting.
  16. G

    Overheating 250TD (1998) estate

    My car appears to run perfectly until I hit traffic or encounter a very long climb then the temperture starts to rise quickly getting to red on the dial which means I pull over and wait until the engine is cool before proceeding. This car has 190 k on the clock and generally runs well. If in...
  17. S

    W124 250TD clutch problems

    Apologies - it's not a rare model, just a typo .. The car will no longer go into gear when the engine is turning. This fault came quite quickly over about 40 miles (two return trips to work), but the clutch was still biting very early/low when released. I suspect the actuating mechanism - is...
  18. 8

    W202 250TD Glow Plug Light

    Hi, For the past 2 days when I start it up the glow plug light comes on and goes off as normal then I start it, it's a little rough the glow plug light comes back on then with in 30 seconds or so the light goes off and it runs better, Does anyone have an idea of what it is ? Thanks Jake
  19. H

    W124 250TD -94 not starting

    I'm gonna make it short. Haven't started car for about a month. and when i turn the key to "start" point, it wont crank the starter. i have tried to run a cable from the battery to the starter, that worked. so i guess I'm wondering about a diagram from the ignition key to the starter...
  20. C

    w124 250TD vs E220

    Hi guys, I am torn between two w124 estates I have just viewed - one is a 1990 250TD and one a 1994 E220 estate, both with about 170K miles on the clock. I was wondering if you have any thoughts or advice about which particular model would be the best to own? I know there will also be a lot of...
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