1. maxypriest

    w124/201 260 engine for sale

    Mercedes 260e engine w124 w201 | eBay This is my old engine and its cracking - only removed to do a diesel conversion. The engine ran beautifully and it was agonising desision to remove. Save it from the scrap heap - please!!!!
  2. C

    260 E W124 aircon refuses to work

    hi guys. so before i get to the problem a few things to mention when i got the car the nut on the low side of the pipes that leads to the inside was loose. the compressor was seized the condenser had a leak so the problem this aircon refuses to work even though the compressor has been...
  3. optimusprime

    best oil for w124, 260 e ,@87.000 miles.

    What oil to use on this Mercedes w124 260e 1989. I have read that many tales on which one i should use .This Mercedes as used Mobil 1 up to 50.000 now it is on 87.000 the last 37.000 is anyones guess on the type of oil that was used . Did Mercedes recomend synthetic oil in the 89-90s.I have...
  4. Arthur Daley

    My W126 260 SE

    If interested please have a look at the following link: Mercedes Benz W126 S Class 260 SE For Sale (1990) on Car And Classic UK [C419789] Pm me for further details or to arrange a viewing. Cheers Sean
  5. newbitz1957

    Nice W124 260 e manual

    Looks to be a very nice example W124 ,MERCEDES 260E, 20 MERC SERVICE HISTORY STAMPS!!!! on eBay (end time 03-Feb-11 20:40:22 GMT)
  6. KNU7S

    260 cars in German motorway crash

    BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Many injured in German motorway crash
  7. Howard

    260 grands worth of mercedes parts for 11k!!

    Just seen this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=10398&item=4552511297&rd=1 love the bit at the end :- theres always a deal to be done, by the way you will need a 40' container to move all the bits in one go.....
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