1. Pietre

    Garmin 2610 Sat Nav (Touchscreen)

    If anyone is interested, I have a Garmin 2610 Sat Nav to part with. It has a large touch screen and 512Mb Compact Flash card. I have a dash mount that fits onto the airvent for a W210, and the large sandbag type for sitting on top of the dash. I will be taking it to the gtg at Ollies on 28th...
  2. Pietre

    Garmin 2610

    I am collecting my Garmin 2610 this week (upgrading from PDA) and have a concern I hope someone can help me with. Where is the best place to mount, and how in a W210? they supply the grippy base, but the dash on a 210 is quite steep and i have a concern about it staying in place. Any advice will...
  3. Pietre

    Garmin 2610 GPS

    Anyone know if this has 6 digit postcode recognition? I am thinking of upgrading from my HP5550 with TomTom3 to a dedicated in car unit. have found 2610 for around the £500 mark, unless anyone knows better. :rolleyes:
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