1. Sanke

    Bluewater 26th Nov

    Hi all, Anyone fancy a bluewater meet on 26th Nov? Usual time and place? Steve Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. Mickeyj1966

    SLK Day at Brooklands 26th June 2016

    Anyone going?
  3. JamesRan

    Terminal Velocity 3 - 26th September

    Hi All Terminal Velocity 3 26th September RAF Woodbridge Home Myself and a friend have just booked this. Really enjoyed the last one, was a great day out. Would be great to see some of you again, and meet some other forum members. Thought I'd spread the word and see if anyone would be...
  4. Bryan Allman

    MB World Sunday 26th April

    It would seem the weather is looking good for this Sunday. Does anyone fancy a get together for the usual natter and a coffee starting at 11:00? If so, add your name below :) Parking in the usual spot and bring any car, MB, unusual or crazy :) Bryan Allman

    Classic Car show Cheshire tomorrow (Sunday 26th May)

    Hi all, Classic car show tomorrow in Cheshire...link below. Andrew Greenwood's Classicshows MB owners club are there for sure...weather looks good all day Cheers DSB.
  6. Rashman

    Sunday Meet? (26th Aug)

    Hey all :thumb: I'm sure alot of you have plans this bank holiday weekend, but make it known if any of you fancy meeting up tomorrow - day or evening. If not, I'll look forward to catching up with some of you at Trax as long as the weather behaves. :rock:
  7. zubear

    the Greenford meet on the 26th

    Hi people just to let you no i have put this on another forum and the response has been good a few german cars are suppose to be coming mainly golfs and bmw's just wanted to no who will be interested. the meet is on the 26th of feb start at 7.30pm till late. and location is: Greenford Road...
  8. Lugy

    Visit to M-Sport in Cumbria 26th Feb

    I've organised a day trip to visit M-Sport in Cockermouth, Cumbria, it's scheduled for next Friday (26th). We still need another couple of peoples to make it worth it, so I figured there may be some members on here that could be interested. For those that don't know M-Sport is the company who...
  9. st13phil

    Kop Hill Climb - 26th / 27th Sept

    Quite by chance I spotted promotional posters for this while driving through Princes Risborough yesterday. Full details can be found here, but it looks like it could be an interesting day out. Incidentally, it was a minor accident at this event in 1925 that resulted in all motorsport on public...
  10. nick mercedes

    Brooklands GTG Saturday 26th September

    Monthly brooklands meet up reminder! Mb World Saturday 26th September 1 Koolvin 350SE (we all want to see it)
  11. nick mercedes

    Brooklands GTG Sunday 26th July

    Monthly brooklands meet up reminder! Mb World Sunday 26th July. Any takers?
  12. C43AMG

    Brooklands GTG 26th April

    C43AMG (Peter)
  13. D

    Polling card for 26th June

    Today I received one and wonder what is it for? I expected one on 1st May 2008 but didn't get one.
  14. GrahamC230K

    Santa Pod 26th Jan03 Pics

    The weather although cold and damp held out for us today at Santa pod. This the first run what you brung of the year, seemed popular, and left us queueing down the road as early as 10am to enter the site. Jap cars seemed the order of the day, with Nissan Sunny GTI-Rs, RX-7's and Skylines...
  15. M

    Santa Pod - Sun 26th Jan

    Hi Lads There is a large Rover meeting at Santa Pod on Sun 26th of Jan and I will be going - I just dont know which car I will be taking this time :) I know its short notice - but does anyone else fancy a mini meet prior to March ? Dont forget - Its January and if it rains - Racing...
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