1. S

    New member with ML 270CDI

    Hi All, new to Mercedes and new to the forum. Just bought an old (54 plate) ML 270 CDI and will probably have loads of questions. Originally from Germany, but got Asylum in Scotland 11 years ago. Was treated well up here in the north so will stay. Cheers Spencer17
  2. C

    CLK 270CDI 2004 Whoosing or Sucking sound?

    Hi all New kid on the block so bear with me. Noticed last night that when I power on above 2500rpm I can hear a loud whooshing or sucking noise coming from what sounds like behind the glove box. It doesn't make the noise when static and revved only when driving. Could this be a leaky...
  3. M

    Will CLK 270CDI 2005 factory stereo fit in CLK 270CDI 2003?

    Hi Everyone, I have a CLK 270 CDI Elegance Auto and want to change the factory stereo. I have seen some 2005 versions of the stereo on ebay, but I just want to know if they will fit and work in my car? Both my car and the 2005 model are the same build I think. Both are W209.
  4. A

    CLK 270CDI Auto gearbox not changing

    Hi there fellow members I have a 55 plate clk270cdi with 125k on the clock. Today I went on a long run to the coast & back approx. a 200 mile round trip, on the way there we had no problems at all but on the way back I noticed that the revs were high when cruising along & also the cruise...
  5. S

    Question about Mercedes 270cdi injectors

    Hi folks, I need to order injectors for our Mercedes W203 270cdi 2002. Its now getting a little long in the tooth, and usual faults are beginning to surface. After suffering from the dreaded saddle bag fuel tank syndrome, I have replaced the fuel filter (Merc OE), all plastic fuel lines, and...
  6. B

    CLK 270CDI diesel consumtpiom reduced from 45/mpg to 23 mpg after MOT done

    Hi everyone, Wondering if you would have come across similar scenario: My consumption of my 270 cdi has been always really good, with most time computer showing an average 45mpg. I just recently had my MOT done and it passed with flying colors, no advisories. But since then, my computer seems...
  7. L

    Bleeding 270CDI after new A612 070 31 32

    Hi If I replace A612 070 31 32 will I need to bleed the air out afterwards? Cheers
  8. S

    ML 270cdi 2000

    Info please ...I have now received my new ML 270 cdi water pump with two gaskets a metal and a rubber one ... Question do you use both gaskets or maybe just the metal one ?? The rubber gasket looks like it is meant for a model that has grooved recess to take gasket my 270cdi has flush...
  9. R

    270CDi ML 2002 model year wiring questions.

    my ML recently blew it's trans (needle roller collapsed in the trans) so i fitted another. Prior to this the handheld scanner I have (carsoft) readout the code as P2502 . it still does despite me trying to erase it. What do Mercedes suggest could also be at fault with this code beside...
  10. M

    270cdi ML Both heated seats not working

    Hi all, hoping for some guidance here. I have a 2002 , 270 cdi ML, both the front heated seats have not worked whilst i have owned it. Both buttons for the seats light up solid when selected (not flashing), and i can hear the relays under the seats clicking when i operate the buttons. I have...
  11. M

    W163 ML 270CDI inlet manifold repair?

    I have a small oil leak (an annoying drip or two each day making a mess of my drive!) my local MB garage (Hertford) tells me it is the inlet manifold that needs replacing. However, the cost quoted at an MB garage doesn't seem worthwhile for the age, 2005. Does anyone know whether there is...
  12. J

    W209 270cdi 2003

    After i fixed all my recent problems with my CLK 270CDI i have a new one now. I recently replaced the water pump for the windshield washer, this is the last thing i did and after this i have a permanent error which says. -washer fluid level error and Check coolant level. -one morning i...
  13. S

    ML500 or 270cdi

    Hi guys, busy looking for a ML at the moment to buy, not sure if I should go for the 5L v8 or the 2,7cdi. The car is not going to do much mileage every day only when we go on holidays so hence why I was thinking of the 5L v8. But then my mind says better mileage on diesel but short trips not too...
  14. Adeinfrance

    Ml 270cdi gearbox

    Hi everyone. A friend of mine has just had a nasty experience with a dodgy car dealer, who sold him a heap of rubbish for good money and has now ceased trading, and is now looking for a second hand gearbox for the car above. It's a 2002 model. If anybody has one or knows of one please pm me...
  15. F

    W203 270cdi starting problem

    Hi all, just bought a 2002 manual 270cdi estate. Problem is the engine will not crank. The dash lights and glow plug symbol all seem to work as they should. Had to bump start to drive home, drives very well with no other problems. It got too dark to do anything today so will have a look tomorrow...
  16. legonutter

    W203 270cdi exhaust system

    Hey guys I'm wanting to make my merc a bit meaner and shouty haha Are there any full systems or does anyone know of the size pipe I need to make my own?
  17. C

    My w211 270cdi thread

    Hello. I recently bought a 270cdi i thought I'd start a new thread to follow it's progress. It's a 52 reg 270cdi in silver. It has 2 previous owners the last one having owned it since 2004. The car in it self needs some tlc as it was slightly neglected in the later part of its ownership...
  18. C

    270cdi head

    hello this is my first post i have a 2002 mercedes ml 270cdi and have just had the head skimmed by 12 thou i need to find out if i have to get an over sized head gasket thanks
  19. M

    270cdi, new manifold or deflap?

    I've just this minute finished removing the inlet manifold from my ML (Not a great job in this weather!!) and am now considering my next step; should I buy a new inlet manifold and fit that or do I plug the holes in the old one and refit that with the motor working but disconnected? The...
  20. M

    Mercedes E w211 270cdi year 2002

    Hello! I live on Gran Canaria and I have a Mercedes E W211 270cdi year 2002. km 594,000 I have 2 problems! Fan defect! No acceleration! 1. I need another fan for the radiator! Where do I get the best price? 2. I do not har nogen acceleration and had a Star tester saying...
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