1. A

    1984 280CE Advise please?

    Hi, sorry if this type of question was been asked often. I'm inheriting / being given an 1984 280ce with about 100k on the clock. It failed it's last MOT in 2007 due to emissions. It then was taken of the road and stored under a tarp for a few years. The current owner bought it, took the...
  2. WDB124066

    1973 280ce

    I don't know where this guy gets them from but what a collection he has! Mercedes-Benz 280 280CE 1973 | Trade Me
  3. shyam27

    w123 280CE

    Hello guys, I'm new to the club and would like some guidance on my restoration project. Earlier this year, I purchased a w123 280ce for restoration. It is currently having full body restoration and respray. I am now faced with the challenge of sourcing or restoring my current interior. The...
  4. J

    280CE Tyres

    Hi Looking for some guidance, what profile tyres were originally fitted to the 280CE? Mine is a 1973 280CE. Thank you in advance
  5. J

    What fog lights for W114 280CE

    Hi, I have a W114 280CE minus the fog lights. Can anyone help me with what are the correct ones to put on and what size they are? thank you in advance.
  6. I

    280CE Restoration -W114

    Hello, I am going to be attempting to restore a 1973 280CE. This will be my first full-on restoration project. The main goal of the project is to end up with a solid and reliable everyday classic, finished to a high standard. I am not chasing perfection or trying to restore the car to...
  7. R

    W114 - 280ce. Looking for parts for seat locks

    First time user here. I have a 1973 MB 280CE which I am restoring. I need a new set of bellows for the front seat vacuum locks (I need 8 bellows in all). The complete vacuum actuator units (there are two, one fitted to the underside of each front seat) are numbered 88 457 013 and I think...
  8. ioweddie

    280CE Coupe for sale on the Isle of Wight

    potted this on the Isle of Wight, nothing to do with me, but I can vouch for the servicing dealership as I bought my AMG Line Sport Plus Estate from them Mercedes Benz 280 CE Coupe Classic 1972 W114 in Cowes, Isle Of Wight
  9. J

    1983 280CE egr valve

    I'm having trouble finding a source for the egr valve that fits onto the front exhaust manifold, I'm also after the pipe that fits into it. Can anyone suggest where I may get one from? Thanks
  10. M

    280CE Magentic Fan Clutch help!

    Hi there -- I'm trying to remove an M110 magnetic fan clutch from the water pump shaft. Obviously I've removed the center bolt. But it wont slide off, and there's doesn't appear to be a pin or clamp. Any ideas? Use a pulley extractor on it?? Thanks Ed
  11. guydewdney

    cheap w114 280ce

    Mercedes 280CE Coupe W114 | eBay needs some work.
  12. J

    New W123 280ce owner

    So here I am after lurking on the forum for a few weeks! I have been looking for a classic car project, and love the way the old school mercs look, so I spent many hours on the internet at what to look out for/common problems. I didnt want a complete/finished car as I prefer a...
  13. P

    W123 280CE Lorinser Coupe

    W123 280CE Lorinser Coupe, original Lancaster demonstrator press car, original retrimmed leather interior, full lorinser bodykit and 16" refurbished Rials - £7.5k ono.
  14. J

    280ce on carbs

    Can anyone tell me what the deal is with the 280ce engine on carbs? I've read that they're down on power compared with the injected engines. Do they still pull well? Is there a difference with economy and reliability? And are they any less sought after and valuable than a later injected 280ce...
  15. J

    Wanted: W123 280ce

    As title suggests, I'm after a 280ce. I'm not able to spend big money for an absolute minter but am just after something that hasn't been welded that I can improve on. I'm after one that has electric windows, power steering and on injection rather than carbs. I'd prefer one without the sunroof...
  16. GilesB

    any idea of price 280ce 1975

    Hi there all, I have a RHD 1975 280ce , I have no idea what its worth so I though I would ask you guys as you guys are the experts. It is pretty perfect as it has done less than 60k miles. I will need to sell her soon and was wondering what its worth and if I should sell on ebay or a classic...
  17. J

    Buying a 280ce

    Hi, I'm off to look at a W123 280ce on a W plate today. The car is advertised as top notch. I'll be deciding that for myself but was wondering apart from going over the usual places, where I should be looking in particular on these cars for rust and anything else I should be looking for? Thanks...
  18. R

    280ce 123

    Can anyone tell me how to remove the lower panel strip on the 280CE door, and the moulding around the side windows for paint
  19. C

    Where Is It Now W123 280CE?

    My dad purchased a W123 280CE back in 1982 from Isaac Agnews in Belfast. The registration number was AXI 150. He kept the car for around 5 years and then sold it on along with the registration number. A friend uncovered some old pictures and it's got me thinking if it still exists? Maybe the...
  20. C

    1972 280CE £8k

    http://http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111427945234?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:VRI&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2661 I really fancy this, about time I got back into a MERC in time for the winter, just sold my 924 which is just too small in the back , but this MERC would be perfect.. I just don't know about...
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