1. gunning


    http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/122596880837 What's your opinions on this car guys? Are they original seats? They don't seem to go?
  2. R

    Looking for a 190sl or 280se for a wedding

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me find a 190sl, pagoda, or 280se convertible to hire in Derby on 17th August. I can only seem to find them way down south and would love to surprise my fiance with one on our wedding day, either to drive her to church, or simply for photos in the grounds...
  3. D

    w108 280se 5.5 v8 with 560 sel gear what for each to his own??!!!

    Mercedes 280SE 5.5-litre V8 1971 with 560SEL running gear | eBay
  4. merc85

    W116 milan brown 280se

    Hi does anyone know this car? looks lovely,Ref n/s Bulk head do you think thats been repaired? hard to tell from image. Also the interior is a different colour. Mercedes 280 SE | eBay
  5. L

    280SE continuous injection

    Starts fine cold but doesn't fast idle, and dies initially if you apply throttle. After idling for maybe 30sec it's OK. Anyone care to guess which bit of the injection system I should swap from the scrap car? I'm guessing the thermo switch and 7th (cold start) injector are working or I doubt...
  6. K

    w116 280SE 1980

    Mercedes-Benz 280 | eBay These cars are getting scarce and rust is an infamous issue, but this one might be ok-ish considering "full body renovation and respray four years ago": someone has spent money albeit standard unknown. Rare option of ac (for a 280 especially) and I've been advised it...
  7. Giantvanman

    280se 3.5 v8

    1972 Mercedes-Benz 280SE Saloon (3.5 litre) | eBay "This extremely flexible V8 has now covered only 33,037…….complete handbook pack and a file containing invoices, correspondence and old MoT certificates." If I only had garage space.
  8. Z

    1968 280SE Saloon Purchase Advice

    1968 280SE Saloon Purchase Advice Hi all, I am a new member that needs a bit of advice. I am new to the MB and I am going to look at a car this week and need to know what to look for. The car I am viewing is a 1968 280SE saloon, it’s had lots of work on the engine and gearbox and they...
  9. B


    I have the above mentioned Vehicle. We changed the top and on completion found that the car could not start. We have a problem that we are not sure that the vacuum lines are in the correct places. Can somebody Advice please. Thanks in advance
  10. WDB124066

    Mercedes-Benz 280 280SE 1970

    Mercedes-Benz 280 280SE 1970 | Trade Me
  11. Ten elena

    Classic 280SE Coupe

    Does this not look absolutely gorgeous?? Would love to own something like that but sadly current circumstances don't allow :( Mercedes for Sale : Mercedes 280SE 3.5 Coupe Pre- production experimental vehicle
  12. M

    Gemclean Detailing-Monster 280se detail coming soon..

    Hi Guys, In the next couple of weeks, I will be putting up most likely to be the biggest detail I've ever completed. This one is having quite a bit of work and were really pulling all the stops out on a car that was a total mess into a show winning piece of Art:) Heres a sneaky 10% into the...
  13. N

    W116 280SE fires but then dies instantly

    I'm having a problem with the 1977 280SE I'm trying to get running. I've now refurbished the fuel tank and got a spark... finally! So I tried to fire it up today (the car has been sat in the garage since the mid 90s), it sort of fires up very briefly but then dies immediately. And I also hear a...
  14. 91dm

    W108 280SE Parts Wanted

    Hello, I’m looking for some parts for a 1969 W108 280SE. Let me know if you have any of the following for sale or know a good source to find them. Drivers side door mirror 4x Door Seals 14” Hubcaps (any colour) and Tyres (205/70/14) Red carpet Washer bottle Door wood trim Any help...
  15. sportyreptile

    Old School 280SE W116

    1979 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 116 Series, lovely example, 23 old MOT certificates | eBay I quite like this for the money but would prefer a SEL to be honest, still it's BIG enough I suppose.
  16. D

    280SE poor running, advice...

    Hi, My 280SE has been a great runner and starter over the past few years and has only ever required servicing (by me) once a year. Over the festive period however I was out for a drive and when I took a sharp right hand bend (with about a 1/4 tank of fuel) the car started to cut out and 2...
  17. N

    No power to fuel pump - W116 M110 280SE

    I am not getting any power to the fuel pump of my 1977, 280SE, W116. I have only one relay in the fuse box with two numbers on it - 0015422219 and 0332205001, so I assume that controls the fuel pump? Anyway, I tried to bridge terminal 30 and 87 but the pump still won't run. Then tested to see if...
  18. T

    W126 280SE - damp problems

    Just bought a 1986 280SE (reg 1.1.86) with 90ki on the clock. Bodywork excellent, runs well, everything works fine, love the quality. Also got a 1949 Alvis and 1949 Packard to compare.... One thing though - there appears to be a damp problem - car currently parked outside pending other...
  19. B

    w126 280se advice

    hi iam thinking of buying w126 280se auto 101.000 miles s/h 1985 no visable rust on pics any advice and rough price welcomed
  20. guydewdney

    280se 3.5

    Mercedes 280se 3.5 V8 1972 4 door saloon Restoration Project ERW 333L Tax Exemp | eBay seems nice
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