1. R

    R107 280SL workshop Manual

    Hi all, Have just acquired a 1982 R107 280SL and am now on the lookout for a workshop manual to assist with a couple of jobs that I need doing to her, can anyone out there advise on a possible source, I've seen a couple of Haynes manuals but they only seem to cover the V8 models. Many...
  2. WDB124066

    1969 280sl

    Mercedes-Benz 280 280sl 1969 | Trade Me
  3. G

    How do I unlock a 280SL boot?

    Its a long story but I have a 1994 280SL with a totally flat battery, which is in the boot. I inadvertently shut the boot with the only key I have, inside the boot. I have managed to wrench the boot lid up and using a magnet on a stick I have recovered the key. Is the boot lock operated by...
  4. G

    gasgas here, with a 280SL and a 190 2.5D

    Hi everybody, I have had numerous W124s and since then, following the purchase of several new cars full of yukky computers I have decided that the car to keep is a pre-1994 Mercedes. They were as you know very well built with some strange metals that don't rust where other makes do. Exhaust...
  5. C

    280SL transmission issue

    Hi have a 280SL in that I am valeting for a customer. It is an automatic transmission and seems to be holding gears for too long and then when it just change it is rather aggressive. Any ideas what the issue may be. I am in Spain and just trying to help a fellow brit out as the mechanics here...
  6. H

    1984 280SL smokes

    I have a 1984 280SL ,with 185000 KMS on the clock.When driving at at a speed above 90KMS PER HOUR and I decellerate and then accellerate a puff of smoke comes out of the exhaust. I was told it is the valve stem seals,had the cylinder head redone ,new valve stem seals fitted ,all genuine parts...
  7. L

    drivers seat 280SL

    we have a 1983 280SL, only 32000 miles owned since 1985, she is near 100%, the seats are MBTEX with check cloth pleated inserts, pale cream background and light brown over check, the drivers seat pleating we have a little wear, all the specialist firms have been most helpful but all the cloth...
  8. L

    280SL seats

    can anyone help, our 1983 280SL the drivers seat is showing signs of wear in one small area, the seats are the MBTEX with pleated cloth centres, the cloth is cream background and light brown check, it has not faded, all the samples I have received have been too dark, a pair of headrests would...
  9. L

    1982 280sl

    we have owned this car since 1984, she is low mileage, 33,000 and in A1 condition, apart from the drivers seat, car is cream with MBTEX seats with cloth inserts cream with light brown check, the middle of the seat insert is showing wear, my fault, and I cannot match the colour, D Class have been...
  10. SilverSaloon

    wanted - centre exhaust box for 280SL 107

    my centre box is blowing due to a hole. Its been patched with gun-gum in the past but i've decided to replace for this years use. does anyone have a decent centre box for sale? car is a 1985 280SL R107 thanks very much - PM me if you do derek
  11. M

    Selling Exhaust Front pipe R107 280 SL/SLC New

    Selling: Front pipe for exhaust system MERCEDES BENZ R107 AND C107 280SL and 280SLC RHD (Right Hand Drive) Original part, "new from old stock" Very heavy original quality, labelled with original MB labels. Does not fit other models. For motorcars without catalytic convertor / catalyst...
  12. johnsco

    280sl auto (1981) in very poor condition

    A good friend of mine is offering for sale the above car. It is correctly-described as being in very poor condition. The attached photos say it all. VIN is 10704222010484. It's a 280SL auto in silver with both hard and soft tops. First registered May 1981 on a W plate. I have known this car...
  13. H

    Dashboard 280SL 107 SERIES

    Please help Where can I find a new dashboard black colour RHD for a 107? Also the cover that covers the handbrake lever in cream? Also what are the correct part numbers? Thanks, Hilton Wolff

    '96 280SL wiring diagram needed

    Hi, my brother in law has a '96 280SL and everytime he turns the sidelights on the fuse blows (for the drivers side lights). He obviously has a dead short as it still does it with the bulbs removed. Does anyone have any ideas or a circuit diagram for the sidelights? cheers Chris
  15. Dr-Nab

    Potential 280SL Pagoda project?

    I'd be a bit weary of zero feedback but if all the parts are there it could be a good buy for someone who is after a Pagoda Mercedes 280SL Pagoda Unfinished Project | eBay
  16. E

    Indicator problem 1985 280sl

    :confused:New to the forum,hence the post.I have just aquired a 280sl and the indicators/hazards do not work.I have searched the forum but am unable to dig out any related info.From what I have googled,I,m looking for the location of the indicator relay.Any help or info on the right manuals to...
  17. K

    W113 280SL Pagoda

    I am a very lucky girl, it was my birthday on Monday, and my husband Gordon surprised me and bought me a 280SL Pagoda. Here are some pictures of it. Hope you like it. http://s155.photobucket.com/albums/s...jmid/280%20SL/ I love the colour and the interior. He says we have bought it as an...
  18. tintinmt

    280SL Pagoda valuation advice please

    Hi, I am looking at a 1969 280SL in white with black hood and interior. Looks like a genuine car with just over 100K miles supported by MOT certs and a good bunch of receipts. The car is in good 'older restoration' condition. It looks clean and well maintained although obviously not 'concourse'...
  19. B

    M110 engine from R107 280SL

    Hi here is perhaps a stupid question, but is there a difference between the M110 2.7 engine from the R107 280SL for a manual gearbox and an automatic gearbox or could i replace my engine(auto box) with an engine that has been mated to a manual. Apologies in advance. Richy
  20. J

    Mercedes Pagoda Restoration Project 230sl 250sl 280sl

    I am a private buyer who is looking for a Mercedes Pagoda SL in need of Full or part Restoration. Ideally I am interesting in barn finds however I will consider any RHD project; 230, 250 or 280. Car must be in the UK. Please contact me if you have a car suitable. Cash waiting. Similar era...
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