1. K

    w123 280TE air, leather, cruise, heated seats...

    1986 Mercedes 280TE (W123) | eBay Restored and nearly 300k miles.
  2. paddingtonfire

    W123 280TE - Fuel Leak

    Evening Chaps, I've filled the new addition to the family full of petrol today for the first time. I wanted to add some additive to help clean the internals so I put £50 worth in, drove to ECP and back to get the additive, then topped up with the additive. I thought after putting the first...
  3. paddingtonfire

    280TE 1982 Servicing

    Evening All, I've just got hold of a nice one owner 280TE, and want to service it for a bit of piece of mind, and I wondered if the forum could confirm/deny a few questions please. First question is regarding oil choice. I know it's a huge subject, but the service record says Castrol GTX...
  4. T

    Mercedes w123 280TE problems

    Hi all, Just bought a w123 280TE this week, it has been stored for the last 7 years. Took it for MOT today failed on the following: 1) the self levelling suspension does not go up, it is just in its low position, but drives really well. 2) the ABS light is constantly on. can some please...
  5. Red C220

    W123 280TE eBay

    MERCEDES 280 TE Estate AMAZING Conditon In alpine white MANUAL GEARBOX | eBay Not sure about the white walls, looks nice though.
  6. carat 3.6

    W123 280te manual white

    Not on ebay but may intrest someone? Retro Rides - Mercedes W123 280TE Great condition - £3200 - BH24
  7. D

    For Sale: W123 280E / 280CE / 280TE Chrome cowl

    I've got two sets of chrome cowls found typically on high-end W123's. If interested, please contact me direct by PM. thanks
  8. R

    S124 280TE 7-seater lovely condition

    Hi all, I have for sale a very nice condition 124 280TE estate car. The details: 1993 'K' reg Midnight Blue Blue fabric interior 7 seats 143k miles with mostly stamped history MOT until Aug. 2011 3 keys 4 way electric windows Electric sunroof Towbar Headlamp cleaning Folding armrest This...
  9. C

    Oil in water/coolant, 1993 280TE Auto

    Hi, I have owned a 1993 280TE Automatic (W124) for about a year, and am totally in love with it! Have just discovered oil and "mayo" in the water/coolant reservoir, which leads me to think that the head gasket is starting to go. There is no water or "mayo" in the oil or gearbox oil. The car...
  10. Simon Lukas

    Blank service stamp booklet WANTED for W123 280TE

    I would be most grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction, as my first booklet has run out, and I am keen to keep my service history up to date for my beloved 2 owner 280TE. Please help!! Email me please, simon@simonlukas.co.uk. Thanks lots!!
  11. Ian B Walker

    Breaking 280TE (W124)

    The time has come to break this W124 estate. All parts available. For further info please call.
  12. D

    1993 w124 280TE metallic dark grey spares or repair, may break if enough interest

    The head gasket has just gone on my K reg 280TE and the repair costs are more than I paid for the car. So unless I can find a cheap mechanic to repair it, it’s up for sale Here’s the spec Dark metallic grey, bodywork has a few scratches and small dents but the only rot on the whole car is a...
  13. Ian B Walker

    Breaking a 124 280TE

    Sadly the time has come to dispose of my 289TE. Its not really worth selling the car as a complete unit due to its condition. So, all parts available on a first come first served basis. Gearbox is excellent, Engine is excellent Interior tatty anything else, please ask.
  14. J

    W124 280TE Temperature

    Hi, With the recent hot weather I noticed that my car was getting hot when I was stationary in traffic. At times the needle would go between the 120 and the level below. If I turned on the heater the temperature would start to drop. I changed the thermostat to see if that would make a...
  15. Mercedes cozy

    Clean W123 Estate 280TE

    Only done 77k very clean looking car 99p start MERCEDES 280 TE~1986~W123~77K~ESTATE~7 SEATS~NO RESERVE on eBay (end time 05-Jul-09 21:53:07 BST)
  16. 30something

    Tempted by a W124 280te

    Hi Gang I ran a lovely W124 280te for a while in 2005-2006, which I posted about on this board, I now need a load-lugger again and am not too bothered about fuel economy as the mileage won't be excessive so I thought I would look up the W124's again and it would appear that prices have...
  17. D

    W123 280TE fan belt..HELP!

    Hello, I am attempting to replace the fan belt on my W123 280TE. The new belt is definately the correct size, but even with the alternator set to the 'slackest' setting I cannot get the belt on - it seems to be 2 inches too short when compared to the old belt. I have the radiator off so...
  18. I

    1993/L 280TE Auto (one of the last W124's) - I'm selling imminently

    After much umming and ahh-ing I've decided that it would be an idea to sell my 280TE. I've had the car for a year now and just don't use it enough. In the time I've had it it's covered about 1500 miles in about a year. It was bought as a runabout for trips to the shops and dump only. The reason...
  19. I

    Inder's 280TE

    Finally got round to taking some pics - only about 4 months later :p I would like to say thanks to "Dr" Ian Walker who took my car on as a surgery patient a few months ago :bannana: . Ian has made what was already a very good car into a great car. :rock: Anyway - here she is - I was...
  20. A

    124 280TE lumpy on acceleration

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is electrical or engine, here goes. A few weeks ago after a wet trip down the M6 I turned off. As I went round the first roundabout and put my foot down on the way out the car started lurching as if trying to stall. Once going I had no problem 'till the next r'about...
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