1. gigdesigns

    9G Auto Gearbox stays in 2nd gear when moving slowly

    I have a W205 with a 9-speed auto gearbox. One real niggle I've noticed is when I am crawling along very slowly, say up to a junction, the gearbox will stay in 2nd gear, even when I am doing 1mph. When I get to the junction and then decide to accelerate, I'll start to move forward but then it...
  2. MissyD

    gtg at Matching Green, Nr Harlow Sunday 2nd July 2017

    We are booked in at the Matching Green Classic and Sports Car Show on Sunday 2nd July 2017 at Matching Green, Nr Harlow, Essex CM17 OPZ, we have a parking area for approx 10 cars, fancy popping along, please add your names below, thanks 01 Richard Hinds 02 MissyD 03 Quick Silver 04...
  3. Z

    2nd service c63 w205

    Hi Guys My w205 c63 saloon is due to go back next week. My agreement is for 10000 miles per annum but I have only done approx 18000 miles. When i now turn ignition on i get message service due in 17 days but car is to be returned before then. The paperwork from the 1st service says 24000...
  4. C

    New member from Surrey on 2nd MB in 3 months!

    Evening all, After owning 3 Imprezas and been fairly active on most of the Subaru forums I thought to get on and share my experiences of owning a Mercedes so far which has been a roller coaster to say the least! Back in November I bought a fantastic 350CDI (60) on 30k from Caterham MB...
  5. J

    Illuminated star installation permanent 2nd gen

    Hi all! So ive ordered some parts from mercteil for an illuminated star and wiring.. that will be permanently on while driving.. i live in the london fyi.. I have the e250 coupe cdi pre face lift, can anyone confirm the part numbers? Has anyone fit one of these on? I would appreciate...
  6. T

    Vibration through gear lever in 2nd only

    Hi all, My new (to me) W202 C200 manual has a vibration that goes through the gear lever in second. it happens if you lean your hand backward on the lever. The lever is vibration-free in all other gears. It decreases and increases slightly in frequency with road speed (not engine speed). If...
  7. B

    2nd gear problems

    hi guys ( 57 plate 311) when i change from 1st into second it clunks, occasionally 2 nd to 3 rd ive just had the clutch kit and flywheel done thinking this might have been what the problem was but it still does it ....anybody else had this problem thanks
  8. L

    Violent 2nd to 3rd gear change

    Hi guys I've got a 2015 E63S for the first time the other night I had a full car, all the temps were normally but driving spirited in S+ the gear change from 2nd to 3rd was really violent and not smooth at all, it was even kicking in traction control at the gear change. All other gear changes...
  9. merc85

    2nd hand Amg's ???

    This is a picture of me looking for a e55k on the 2nd hand car market :D
  10. T

    W639 Vito 111 CDi 2nd gear synchro

    Hi everyone I'm relatively new to the forum but have been lurking for months! I've read plenty about the famed 1st gear issue with the w639 but can't find out much about the issue I'm having - namely 2nd gear being hard to select and crunching on the way up from 1st. It doesn't seem so bad...
  11. T

    discounts on 2nd hand S class from main dealer

    Interested in some advice. I suspect that discounts on the current S class purchased 2nd hand are likely to be good given the high list price only some people would be willing to live with such a beast. If looking at the 1-2y old sector selling at 48-58 bracket. Who far would a dealer...
  12. Scooby_Doo

    "B" Day 2nd June

    After a long 9 week wait my car's being built tomorrow. Dealer tells me that it will probably be with them in about 2 weeks. Anybody here whose had a "C" or an "E" from the Bremen factory recently know how long it took to get to the dealer ?
  13. K

    Help need a 2nd hand rear Diff for s211 E55, anyone help?

    Terry at Wayne gates just called and I am stressed and dieing from this car. Just been told that the the rear Diff is making my noise coming from the rear and he suggests to replace it. Does anyone have or know where to get a 2nd hand one please?
  14. Peter DLM

    Santa Pod. 2nd April.

  15. L

    W221 S600 Remap

    Hi all, I joined a few years ago after buying a second hand W211 E320 CDI, I thought it was a great car but it started developing several problems so I traded it in for a W221 S600 a couple years ago. The S600 puts a smile on my face every time I drive it and aside from a few small issues...
  16. R

    S212 3 child seats in 2nd row

    I'm buying a 2015 S212 and I while it does have 7 seats, I want to be able to put 3 child seats across the 2nd row so that I can use the full boot space for holidays etc. The kids are 7, 5 and 1, so I'll have 1 group 1 seat and 2 group 2/3 seats. As with the 5 series saloon that I'm...
  17. D

    Hi all today I bought my 2nd AMG and I have a couple of questions

    Hi all today I purchased my second AMG, 18 months ago I purchased a CL55 and loved every minuet of ownership and today I impulse bought my second AMG in the form of a C32 AMG and first impressions from the drive home is wow it seems quicker than my CL55 (it was 2002 pre charged version I owned)...
  18. akula80

    Noob qu re 2nd hand becker

    Just bought a 12 c220 sport plus. I didn't come with the Becker so I bought one 2nd hand from a friend. Unit was 2 years old. When I look at the Becker website it has an option to download the latest software for €0.00 My qus are: 1: is it worth getting the latest software? 2: if I do can...
  19. pattiodors

    Replacing tcu with 2nd hand one from ebay 2004 C320 sport coupe.

    Just wondering if anyone has done this using one with the same part number as I don't believe they are vin coded to car. I have had everything else checked by my local indie including oil change and conductor plate, harness check up to transmission control unit. He says he can't clear the...
  20. G

    Possible B-class (2nd generation) sport purchase

    Hi all, First post here so apologies if it's in the wrong place... I'm looking at buying my wife a B class sport (circa 2012 year) within the next month or so. We're only looking at the second generation one and in the sport spec (primarily because it looks better in our eyes than a non...
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