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  1. mercedescl500

    what to expect on 3/4 panel respray ?

    Hi could anyone give me a rough idea on what to expect. My car needs to have its bumper and bonnet resprayed due to stone chipping and also 1 rear 3/4 panel (due to rust around the bottom of the arch only). The car is a cl500 (w215), any help would be great as Im hoping I dont get ripped off...
  2. J

    WTD:S500 pref in Silver (upto 3/4 years old)

    Looking to buy a S500 in swb/lwb, preferably in silver, not more then 3/4 years old, with less then 40,00o mls, must have fmbsh, and hopeful some toys:Telephone, command, tv tuner, linguatronic, can anyone help or let me know where there can be one?Priced £30-35k Thanks Jig
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