1. Coggers

    1997 C200 estate only £300 open to offers

    My Mum is selling her Mercedes and I said I would help and offer it on the forum first. Ask any questions you like and I will find out the answers. Her husband has owned it for well over 10 years and it still goes very well. C200 classic automatic, estate R Reg 1997. Mileage is 224,882 miles...
  2. C

    My £300 CLK 230

    Hi all Just got the beast home and thought I'd post a few before pics, also the grille, anyone know what it is, can't find a MB mark on it and I know they don't come with the bonnet badge and that grille.... I think anyway... Also are the wheels MB. Sorry about all the questions but it's my...
  3. Conquistador

    £300,000 S63 anybody?

    Is it just me who wonders why anybody would pay £300k for this? :wallbash: Mercedes-Benz S Class S63L 4dr Auto [Executive] 5.5 EXTREMELY RARE CAR. So it's based on an S63 AMG (which you can pick up from about £35,000-£40,000 now) with an upgraded engine and a load of carbon fibre and iPads and...
  4. Gollom

    TalkTalk shares hit £3.00

    I have some of these (not a huge number) obtained at a much lower price! So tempting to sell and take the profit! What is the consensus? Some pundits reckon £4.00 not far away :eek: Focus is on improving my pension pot (7 years away) and the dividend is pretty good on these. Short term gain...
  5. janner

    £300,000 van .... built for camel watching!

    Historics at Brooklands - Specialist Classic and Sports Car Auctioneers - 2004 Mercedes Benz AMG Sprinter Not sure it's even worth the £45K guide price but interesting none the less. This, on the other hand, is more my cup of tea... Historics at Brooklands - Specialist Classic and Sports...
  6. eggzy43

    ebay 1995 W124 e300d on ebay £310 so far

    1995 E300D W124 SALOON SILVER Just bought a new Focus so I've put my trusty old Merc on ebay if anybody is interested. starting at £300. Any questions or inpection\test drive is welcome. I'm in RUNCORN (Merseyside) WA7 2SH. landline: 01928 572988 mobile: 07920 462523.
  7. BillyW124

    Second hand 17" Amg Rep's for sale with tyres £300

    These used to be on my 124 coupe, Wheels are in good nick, the tread isn't bad at all and you can still suck quite a bit of life out of them still. i did used to rotate them, so this has helped. 17x7.5 ET 35 215/45 i have more pics available. Cheers. Billy.
  8. KillerHERTZ

    Canon or Nikon SLR for around £300

    Anyone selling/looking to upgrade their Canon or Nikon SLR camera? Im looking at getting a 2nd hand one for around £300
  9. R

    £300 holiday for two? Ideas pleaseeee

    Hi, I'd like to send my parents on holiday, just becuase i think they deserve it. My budget is £300, and for that I'd like flight and hotel for a few days. The key factor is relaxation, however they're only in their mid-60's so it need not be too quiet. I sent them to Loch Lomond a...
  10. AANDYY

    A/C drains for a W210 £300 TD 1997

    For those of you who have been scratching your heads wondering where the devil they could be :p, well I found mine today, by accident :D. I was repositioning my DAB module and found the said items. I have been having A/C smelliness! so before trying to cure it by letting one of those aerosol...
  11. christopherwk

    Chrysler Neon 2.0i 16v LX auto - £300

    1996 P, 83000 miles in red, grey interior. Mechanically ok, air conditioning/heater needs fixing, radio does not work but the cassette still works. Electric windows, remote central locking, two sets of keys, electric door mirrors need attention, clean interior, good bodywork no visible rust...
  12. chrisneal@clara

    Broken Coil Cup Spring £300 to fix?

    Hi, my friendly independent advised me the f/o/s coil cup spring has corroded, Merc dealership does not want to know so I am going to get independent to book it in to a workshop they use - quote is £300 in VAT, so just want to know if this is about right? (Merc E280 Petrol 1999 Saloon) Anyone...
  13. stats007

    Which Sat Nav for under £300?

    I'm looking for a decent sat nav unit that I can connect my mobile to via Bluetooth and also to indicate speed cameras etc. The Tom Tom Go 730 looks about right however I've noticed complaints about the screen readability in bright light. The Garmin alternative is the 765T - which I think...
  14. L

    E220 Coupe - £300!

    Hey all I popped down to my local car spares place this morning to pick up a new bonnet release for my C280.. in the carpark they had a Mercedes E220 Coupe.. so I asked if it was for sale, the guy said £300!! It starts, runs and drives, auto box, cloth interior drivers seat is a bit tatty...
  15. R

    Dell £300 off laptops today only.

    See my post Hope it helps someone get/find a cheap Xmas present !! http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?p=456114#post456114 R
  16. R

    Dell £300 off laptops (not ebay!) today only.

    I occasionally post these Dell special offers, and people seem to like me doing it, so here is the latest one For today only, Dell have a voucher D0P6R2ZN7?9?27 That will give you a further £150 of the already £150 off (total 300) promotion they have running on Dell Notebooks Enter that...
  17. mickl

    W209 V6 AMG exhaust £300 BIN

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