1. B

    Wanted Viseeo mbu 3000.

    Still looking for a Viseeo MBIU 3000, I was going to fit a Bury kit but changed my tiny mind. Regards, Bill.
  2. AngryDog

    ViseeO MBU 3000

    I am selling my ViseeO MBU 3000. I bought this for my W211 but I need an MB-4. It looks like it is either new or nearly new. Asking £110 delivered.
  3. B

    Wanted Viseeo MBU 3000

    Hi all I'm looking for a Viseeo MBU 3000. Thank's, Bill.
  4. D

    C63 (W204) H+R Springs (Covered 3000 Miles)

    For Sale: C63 (W204) H+R Springs (Covered 3000 Miles) Selling springs as car is now sold. £200 Tel: 07958 331445
  5. D

    C63 (W204) H+R Springs (Covered 3000 Miles)

    For Sale: C63 (W204) H+R Springs (Covered 3000 Miles) Selling springs as I am selling the car. £200 Tel: 07958 331445
  6. Mrhanky

    Viseeo MBU 3000

    Purchased this MBU 3000 new just over a year ago and its in very good full working condition. It comes with all the accessories, manual and box. The price of £190 can be paid via bank transfer and it includes special delivery.
  7. OJLane

    W212 E350 CDI not shifting till 2500 - 3000 revs

    Hi all, I started having an issue today in my 2009 E350 CDI with 140,000 miles on it, my drive into work was fine, 25 mins wish with A roads and motorway, shifting and power was fine. I stopped the engine for about 5-10 minutes and ever since then it will not shift to the next gear until...
  8. mattmeyler19

    19" Merc Amg wheels, black for sale tyres done 3000 miles

    Hi all, these are now for sale, offers in the region of £2k they are all mint and need to go. All have conti tyres that have done no more than 3000 miles Interested give me a call or text 07889445829 Any questions just ask W212 E63 White 2014. M19YLR
  9. Mr Fixit

    UPS Stall 3000 TC upgrade for C55

    Some advise please. I want to change the TC on my C55 and have been looking round, the UPS stall 3000 gets good press. What is the implications of changing, has anybody done it, are there alternatives and whats it like to drive when the TC is changed. I've always thought that Mercedes...
  10. AMGeed

    Viseeo 3000 volume

    Anyone help here? Fitted a Viseeo MB 3000 and paired the phone(Samsung S2) and transferred contacts to Comand without a problem. But......the phone rings, I answer using the steering wheel button, and I can't hear the caller, and the caller can't hear me.:wallbash: I have turned up the...
  11. Mr Fixit

    Viseeo MBU 3000

    Almost brand new and little used. £105 ONO Open to offers as it does not work with the C55 UHI so needs to go https://www.commandonline.co.uk/ViseeO_MBU3000.html
  12. BIG_G_1979

    viseo mbu 1000 and 3000

    Hi guys in the market for one of these units not looking to spend a fortune can someone tell me the differences between the 2 models? Thanks
  13. BIG_G_1979

    visseo mbu 1000 or mbu 3000

    As title suggests im looking for mbu 1000 or 3000 for my w211 if selling please pm me thanks
  14. Pauljay

    Ultimate Performance and Design 3000 stall converter

    Hi Guys! I haven't posted on here for a while but I wanted to tell you about my latest installation... I approached UPD after reading up on their product which is a brand new (no core return) custom installation for the CLK55, C55 and C32, basically the NA AMG models. They look at your...
  15. D

    W638 not starting ,3000 rpm

    Morning guys, here`s my dilemma , other than owning a W638 . 110cdi (2003) Drives like a train has a recent new battery, been driving great , jumped in it last night and click...click...click nothing....gave it a push down a hill ..2nd gear, dip the clutch and away she goes...... after work it...
  16. kylezx7r

    ML 3000 sat nav upgrade??

    I guys I have a 2010 ML 300 W164 it just has a CD player and was wondering if anyone has any info on what's required to upgrade it to a sat nav? I'm guessing it's not as straight forward as just changing the head unit to a sat nav.
  17. V

    New Merc, 3yrs old, but only 3000 miles. No service yet. Advice please?

    Have just bought a new Merc E-class E350 diesel, 3yrs old, but with only 3000 miles (three!) on the clock. No service has been done. I guess I might need to change some fluids? Engine oil, transmission oil, brake fluid, coolant? What fluids get 'tired' if unused? Advice required please!
  18. The _Don

    Gumball 3000 get together tomorrow london

    Morning all, anyone attending ? https://www.facebook.com/gumball3000/photos/a.111895900992.118631.22639795992/10152590395865993/?type=1&theater
  19. Mrhanky

    MBU 3000 brill bit of kit

    So after two weeks of trying to get on with the nokia phone in my W211 E55 I decided yesterday to search the forum. The threads all recommended a blue tooth adapter that is shaped like the nokia phone and clips in its place. So off I went and googled MBU 3000 and was kind of shocked at the up...
  20. The _Don

    Gumball 3000 on Regent Street today

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