1. BIG Sean

    300c = W211? Brakes

    Hi chaps, A lot of the 300c parts are W211 based - struggling to source parts 4 - adjuster, 7 tensioner and 10 grommet for the parking brake. Will W211 parts fit???? Brake Assembly, Parking Tried inserting a cut a paste image can't do it for some reason.
  2. BIG Sean

    300c yes or no?

    the lex is getting very tired and my mate has a surplus 300c CRD for sale - should I???
  3. gunning

    300c touring 3.0d for sale. 1 owner with Full chrysler history

    My 300c is up for sale as I haven't really got a need for it anymore now I've got the amg. 2006 It's got 96k miles, full main dealer service history. 20" startech factory wheels Detachable towbar Sat nav Phone system Heated seats Xenons Leather electric seats Boston premium audio (easily as...
  4. D

    300c adenauer on of the last made!!

    1957 One of the last RARE MERCEDES 300c ADENAUER (LHD) | eBay
  5. gunning

    What have i done? 300c

    So due to needing an estate and an auto as I'm about to have surgery not allowing me to change gear for 2/3 months, I thought I'd chop the 911 for a newer 4.8 cayenne turbo or a RR 5.0 supercharged. Decided against both and bought a cheap 300c diesel tourer and keeping the 911. After owning...
  6. The _Don

    Blood brothers: Mercedes e55 amg vs chrysler 300c

    http://www.pistonheads.com/doc.asp?c=52&i=27144 Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  7. M

    Chrysler 300c

    A similar thread had been started on the other forum. The thread got mixed reviews about this car, as a member with a W211 E-class wanted to replace it with a 300c. The plus points that I can see so far, is that it does look menacing, seems to be good value for money, and is not common...
  8. C

    Chrysler 300C

    My friend has a Chrysler 300C and needs MOT and service (London - pref West) and doesn't want to go to any main dealers. I notice a few people on here have had or know people with similar cars. Any recommendations for garages? Just wondered as perhaps a Mercedes indy may service them due to...
  9. bpsorrel

    Chrysler 300C V E320 CDI

    A Good mate of mine has a dilemma, which I couldn't advise on, so I thought I'd throw it out to you guys! :) He has around £11K to spend and wants an "executive" car to replace his aging S Type. So, he's nailed it down to a 30,000 mile 2008 Chrysler 300C 3 litre diesel and a 60,000 mile...
  10. bpsorrel

    S211 and 300C estate...

    Just thought this was funny.. My S211 and some guy's 300C estate getting washed at the same time (no, this was not fixed for the photo, they really washed them like that!) Have to say, the 300C does look good, but compared to my monster wheeled S211, it's a pu55y! :D
  11. Benzowner

    E320 Diesel Estate vs Chrysler 300C Estate

    I am contemplating changing my car in the next few months and would like to go back to an estate car for practical reasons. Now, I am looking at the MB E class estate 3.2 diesel & the Chrysler 300C touring, which I beleive is MB engine and drive train. Pros and cons anyone?
  12. D

    Chrysler 300C 3.0 V6 CRD

    Hi there, Has anybody driven/own/owned one of these? It looks much better value for money compared to a Merc. What about the cost of ownership and dealership? Any comments would be much appreciated.
  13. glojo

    Clarkson reviews Chrysler 300C????

    I think our Jeremy has finally flipped. This is supposed to be a review of the Chrysler 300C? I found the article highly entertaining and perhaps anti our gevernment, but you will have to look hard for a constructive review of the Chrysler! Regards, John
  14. smillion

    What Merc engine in Chrysler 300C?

    I was drawn into my local dealership to look over a black 300C running a 3litre diesel and was told by the stealer that it was the latest generation Merc diesel. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks:D .....and yes, I am being temted ............. especially at £25k v £40k for a replacement E.
  15. B

    Chrysler 300C Tourer spotted.....in Leeds

    dougal74 mentioned the Chrysler 300C tourer in another thread the other day and low and behold...........I was working in Leeds today on a client shoot and there was one parked right next to the spot I was shooting from. I have to say that the colour really suited the car and that in the flesh...
  16. scotth_uk

    Chrysler 300C = Current E Class chassis

    Interesting - I just got off the phone from DC enquiring about the new Chrysler 300C. They've been sending some Hemi V8 LHD models around the dealers for a preview and the reaction has been very good. When I asked about engine configs, they mentioned that as the car is running the current E...
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