1. DanMorgan


    Very cheap and I spotted a sportline badge? Ive rang the guy and he'll take £800 and ill collect on Sunday. What do you think of it? I have the exact same as this but a 230 at the moment 1991 MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS 3.0 300 CE-24 2D 220 BHP | eBay
  2. smoothcoupe

    Mercedes 300ce24v sportline for sale!

    300ce24v 1992j reg. genuine original factory sportline. Everyextra from that year including. Full electric memory leather including electric headrests. Orthopeadic seats heated seats, electric adjustable steering wheel, electric blind, air con, unmarked inside. Sportline steering wheel/...
  3. 300CE

    Anyone fancy saving this 300ce-24v?

    Nice spec with electrically heated cream leather seats too (any idea what that thing is above the hazard switch?!): 1990 MERCEDES 300CE-24 AUTO RED SPARES OR REPAIRS | eBay
  4. 300CE

    MERCEDES 300CE-24v (1992) - £600.00

    on Pistonheads: Mercedes-Benz : 300CE-24v
  5. smoothcoupe

    300ce24v lacklustre performance?

    Hi all i have a 1992 j 309ce 24v. Lately the performance has decreased, (not responsive). Also when idling it isnt as smooth as it once was, it has developed a little shake. I sm however going to service it this weekend, does anyone think that it would benefit from cchanging the distributor cap...
  6. T

    need help - oil cooler on 300CE-24V

    just had my oil cooler split open :wallbash: - hopefully managed to shut down engine in time to avoid damage having problems locating possible spare unit - local MB dealer wants nearly £380 for genuine unit, anybody got other ideas of where to call ? will try all the merc breakers tomorrow...
  7. smoothcoupe

    300ce24v fuel filter replacement.

    Hi. Can anyone tell me how to go about changing the fuel filter. And would a main dealer one be recommended. The car is a 1992j reg. Also once this is changed would the car perform any better. Cheers
  8. smoothcoupe

    300ce24v servicing

    Hi all I'm servicing my 300ce24v tomorrow. I will be doing the oil and filters + the antifreeze. First of all which antifreeze/coolant is good for my car. And will 5w 30 oil with mb 229.1 spec be ok or would it be better to use 10 40 oil. I normally use German and Swedish. Once the coolant is...
  9. smoothcoupe

    300ce24v non starting update

    I replaced the coil on my 1992 30024 due to no spark hence no starting, but this made no difference. I then took off the ignition module and I am going to send it to a place called bbreman, as they say they can extensively test it for faults. Their charges are £50 for testing and if there is a...
  10. smoothcoupe

    Best engine oil for 124 300ce24v

    I have a 300ce24 with 180,000 miles. It runs smoothly. What grade and make of oil would be recommended. I dont mind spending top money for top oil.
  11. smoothcoupe

    W124 300ce24v rear suspension creak.

    I have a 1992 300ce24 sportline. There is a noisy squeeky creaking coming from the rear suspension, it is a lot more noticeable when driving slow over rough ground ie speed bumps etc. When cruising at 30mph + it isnt noticeable. I had a quick look the other day and think it could be rear anti...
  12. smoothcoupe

    W124 300ce-24v. ASD light

    Hi all. The ASD light (orange triangle) illumimates when ignition is on but the actual ASD light at the bottom next to the srs light does not come on when the ignition is turned on. When driving harsh take off even in the wet doesnt trigger the orange triangle. Apart from this it drives fine. I...
  13. swannymere

    Loaded 300CE-24V Sportline

    Worth a look? '92 J Reg Mercedes-Benz 300CE-24 SPORTLINE W124 Coupé on eBay (end time 03-Aug-10 21:32:47 BST)
  14. Ade B


    After much soul searching and consultation, I've decided the sensible thing is to put it up for sale as it will simply not get used anymore and I've nowhere safe to put it long term. Advert here: C124 Mercedes 300 CE - 24V Coupe For Sale (1991) on Car And Classic UK More pics here...
  15. Ade B


    No additives or preservatives :) Althought there may be a few E numbers in there.. Thanks for looking Ade
  16. C

    W124 300CE24V Spares / Stereo / Speakers etc

    As there has been no takers in rescuing my car, Im afraid the car is going as scrappage. The car has now been accepted, but until the wifes new car arrives and is taxed I am unable to hand the car in to the dealer. So, meanwhile, bits of it are up for grabs. Not sure how much of it can be...
  17. C

    Is this the end of the line for the 300CE-24V?

    I have been in denial for a few days now. I visited a trusted Merc specialist last weekend (who fixed of my erratic idle issue) and mentioned in passing my long standing gearbox issue. The issue is thatwhen cold, it reverses fine, but when the car is warm and reverse is selected, nothing...
  18. M

    300CE-24V Sportline

    Straight swap Howard.........? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Mercedes-Benz-300CE-24-Coupe-1990-Sportline-Very-rare_W0QQitemZ220086221334QQihZ012QQcategoryZ31360QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  19. C

    Yet another perfomance question 300CE24v sorry

    Hi I have a 1990 300CE 24v M104-CIS engine. I want to increase the 0-60 performance. I like the style of my car and want to keep it. I always wanted the pillarless coupe of this style. I want it to look from the outside just like any other W124. I'm not after the boy racer look. I therefore I...
  20. Apial

    300CE-24v wheel sizes?

    My owners manual lists 2 sizes of wheels depending on if you have "sport suspension" or not. The printout of my vehicle data does not show a sports suspension code a such but however it does list "code 653 sports chassis with L.A.Wheels, 8 hole" . Is this what the manual is referring to? The...
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