1. 3

    Thinking of selling my W124 300DT

    I'm thinking of selling my 300DT and wanted some opinion as to what the price should be? Good bits are that she is a two owner car with 113,000 miles. She has the 7 seat option, cruise control, black cloth with heated electric front seats (drivers is orthopaedic), electric tilt and slide...
  2. allias

    W210 gearbox - 300DT vs 320CDI??

    Can someone tell me what are diffrences between gearboxes in 1997 300TD and 2002 320CDI? Are those are the same gearboxes? Can I mix gearbox from older one to newer? If so how long would it take to fix it/swap it? I have donor car with very good gearbox and I could buy one with faulty gearbox...
  3. B

    Just been to look at a 300dt elegance

    on an R plate and I want to find out what year the car was actually built. I hear some cars could be built earlier but not actully got registered until a few years later because of a botched far east order I have the vin and engine number and have come acrros the russian vin decoder but this...
  4. S

    '91 300DT in a '76 300D?

    I have a quick question to anyone who can help me out... I own a 1976 300D and enjoy it alot. Recently its been having some engine trouble forcing me to rebuild the engine, or junk it. I know the car itself isnt worth all that much, but I would like to keep it and dont have much cash. I found a...
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