1. Haris

    Mercedes 300E - probably one of the best you will find!

    Posting this on behalf of someone I know. My Dad purchased his S500 from this person, and it was easily the cleanest we could find! Mercedes W124 300E in Silver Mileage: 134,000 FSH Transmission Automatic I've seen this car in person and immaculate is the only way to describe it. He...
  2. D

    mercedes 300e 4matic lhd polish reg rare model 4wd for parts or repairs

    1990 mercedes e300 4matic AWD, LHD, project rare | eBay
  3. D

    W124 300E cd radio adaptor?

    Hi guys I have a sony cd player fitted in mine, which is goosed, I am looking to replace this and wanted to know if any can advise if you can purchase the wiring loom adapters for these cars? obviously depending on what make model of unit i go for cheers
  4. D

    w124 300e 1991 cutting out abs light on

    hi guys i bought a lovely 300e w124 few months ago, all of sudden the abs light comes and goes, and yesterday she cut out when coming to a stop at the lights, the following day tried to start it did turn over but within a second she would cut out, left it for a few days and shes back to...
  5. ngenius1

    Mercedes 300e

    For sale with registration plate. Any info needed please contact Tony on number below. Thanks. 07711804617
  6. D

    300E W124 with CARAT DUCHATELET BODYkit

  7. D

    Zender kitted W124 300E

    It does look clean Mercedes W124 300E (Classic) | eBay
  8. Calcifer

    1989 300E AMG 3.2L - Any Information?

    Morning guys, I was speaking to a friend last night who is interested in the AMG Hammer style 300E which was produced by AMG as a 3.2L Anyone here have any information about the cars? I could not seem to find much at all online except for a car for sale here: 1989 Mercedes AMG 3.2 - Mendel's...
  9. K

    help with 93 300e 2.8

    Can anyone help it with the routing of the charcoal filter house as it enters the engine compartment? Thank you, Luke
  10. E

    300e brabus twin turbo - exchange and mart

    Hi guys seen this car advertised for 6-7 months at least for 3300, it didnt sell... Its a manual left hooker with what seems to be a mosselman kit. Contacted the seller, didnt get very good info. I'm from Israel and i was nearly tempted...but the fact that at this price nobody grabbed it was...
  11. merc85

    300e w124

  12. R

    1988 W124 300E Cambelt change frequency?

    Hi Firstly does it have a cam belt? If so how often should it be changed? Thanks!
  13. B

    300e Tire size identification

    curious to know if any one can identify what tire size is being used here? 235/45 all around? or staggered? Perhaps 245/40 or 245/45 in the back? Hard to tell! Really like the fittments match to the era. Thanks, B
  14. 7

    Ultra low mileage 1990 300e

    I am a very lucky boy.... me and my brother folllowed up a lead on a 1990 300E that had been used intermittently over the last 25 years, and then left standing for 18months, we went to check it out and the car is immaculate, hasn't been touched and has only covered 7777miles since brand new...
  15. 7

    WANTED - New drivers side rear light cluster for 1990 Mercedes Benz 300E

    Have just purchased an immaculate Mercedes 300E the only things that are letting it down slightly considering its crazy low mileage (7777k) are the rear light cluster on the drivers side has a crack in it, and there are a few cuts out of the front bumper surround. would anybody have these...
  16. theRéhann

    W124 300e - petrol fumes

    I have a fair idea that this problem is being caused by blocked breathers somewhere, but expert advice would be greatly appreciated... The car runs fine, but intermittently, mostly after driving for quite a while, you can smell petrol fumes. When you open the fuel filler cap, there is a...
  17. D

    W124 300E Alternator Replacement options?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and back in old Merc ownership after a few years. I've just bought a 1992 300E with 142K miles on the clock and in very good condition. One thing I'm having an issue with is the alternator is noisy and has appreciable end float in the pulley with the belt removed so...
  18. christopherwk

    1989 W124 300E for sale on www.expolicecar.co.uk

    Just thought I'd post this up here, in case it's of any interest. It's a 90,000 mile, 300E auto in maroon. £1,499 Ex Police Car : Stock Details Company is based in Halifax. I've no dealings with the company, I often browse their site to see what interesting stuff the police use.
  19. D

    mercedes w124 300e sportline hammer example??!!

  20. W

    W124 300E Fuel Problem-I'm Stumped!

    I am very happy with the W124 300E I purchased 4 weeks ago. However it seems to have an issue that has stumped me. When I bought it, it had been standing for some months. On my first drive I stopped after a mile or so and put some petrol in it (46 litres worth) as the tank was empty (does...
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