1. dog

    300sl roof problem

    Need help here if any knows, i put the hard top on the car and in the right position but the roof is not locking down and the red switch is flashing. I took the roof off and then tried the soft top up that did not work either. Also when i put the ignition on the roll bar switch flashes for a...
  2. Calcifer

    1988 R107 300SL - Won't start, fuel pump relay?

    Hello A friend of mine owns a 1988 300SL and it's refusing to fire up. I have read some place before that the fuel pump relay could be the cause? Anyone else had a similar issue or could help diagnose what it may be? Thank you very much
  3. S

    300sl Replica

    Just stumbled across this and it's actually quite nice! I'm about to put my SLK32 for sale, but may have to reconsider! This Mercedes SLK32 AMG Has An Old Soul (And Gullwing Style)
  4. K

    R107 300SL Wanted

    I'm after a R107 300 SL preferably in dark blue or silver. Posting here because I'd like an enthusiast-owned car that's been looked after and had money spent on it. Budget is up to £15k. I'm not a messer, dreamer or tyre-kicker and have immediate funds available for the right car...
  5. N

    MB Mechanic in North West

    Hi, I have a 1986 300SL Mercedes, which I have had for 10 years and is in good condition nut now in need of a little TLC...I am looking for a good mechanic/garage, preferably based in the north west (UK)...I could go to the SL shop, but was looking for something more local, and don't really...
  6. DanMorgan

    Hemmels - W113 and 300SL - Impressive Workshop!

    I went to the Hemmels open day last night in Cardiff as they reveal their workshop. They had five W113's all at different stages of their restorations and of course their immaculate workshop! I wrote on my Mercedes Blog more detail with lots of photos :rock: If you are near the Cardiff...
  7. dog

    Cambelt R129 300sl

    Fanbelt R129 300sl I am going to have my fanbelt and tensioner changed on my R129 300sl have you got change the water pump too (so i've been told ).
  8. I

    Oil leak - r107 300sl Mercedes

    Grateful for some help! Fired up 300sl tonight and some very light smoke from under bonnet Popped bonnet and only sign of oil is as below... any idea where its coming from??
  9. kvz2000

    1992 Mercedes 300sl for sale ,p/x or swap

    Lovely well looked after car with 155k genuine miles , beautiful condition inside and out . MOT till March 2018 passed with no advisories. Soft and hard tops in excellent condition. Amazing service history with 22 stamps in the book,original sales invoice and a fold full of receipts and old...
  10. E

    R107 300SL Part Number Needed

    Does anyone know the part number for the pipe that runs between the brake servo and the air cleaner housing. Cant see where to look on EPC and not listed in vacuum pipes. thanks
  11. kvz2000

    Mercedes,300sl,£5000 or swap/p/x, Scotland

    Lovely car with FSH , 155k miles , mot till March 2017, etc etc phone or email for more details , sell , swap or p/x, would prefer a 123 coupe but anything considered, Thanks Donald
  12. H

    Misfiring R129 300SL 12v

    I've been having on and off recently in the hot weather misfiring that won't go away. When its cold, say in the late evening the car runs as it should. During the day when its much warmer the car once its up to temp is misfiring and stalling like crazy. I've put new Bosch HT leads...
  13. R

    Camshaft Problem - R107 300SL 1987

    Newby in seek of advice... My camshaft needs replacing on my 300SL, however I cannot find a supplier with a new camshaft, or camshaft kit in stock. Everybody on eBay UK seems to buy from a Co named Fibi in Germany, but they dont have one in stock. Can anybody advise if I can get my camshaft...
  14. M

    Prince Albert and Nico Rosberg Tour In Mercedes 300SL Gullwing - Video

    Prince Albert and Nico Rosberg Tour In Mercedes 300SL Gullwing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlN-U40r1FQ
  15. Gurd63

    Mercedes R107 300SL 500SL

    Morning all, I'm looking for a R107 300SL or 500SL. If a 500, I'd prefer a facelift. I don't mind a car which need restoring/tidying up. Good history ect is a bonus. My budget is up to £18,000, price depending on if the car does/doesn't need work. Kind regards.
  16. B

    Newbie with an old 300sl

    Just bought an 1988 sl300 r107 as a project with my dad, hopefully some of you guys can help us out a long the way, I'm fully qualified mechanic with 10 years experience not a lot compared to some people but I'll help out on other posts where I can.
  17. P

    R129 300SL beeping on starting

    My R129 300SL has recently started beeping from the rear of the cockpit on starting. It lasts for about 10 seconds and then goes off. There are no dash alarms showing. Any ideas what the car is trying to tell me?
  18. M

    1990 Mercedez Benz 300sl

    I have a 1990 300sl ive changed alot of stuff already but the darn motor keeps flooding some one please help me.
  19. C

    Tips on selling 1993 300SL?

    After owning for a year and barely being used I have decided to sell my 1993 300SL. Wasted too much time and money on Autotrader with downright rude people and ridiculous offers. Car is clean and rust free, everything works and I have the original hardtop so I refuse to give the old girl away...
  20. Noahrg

    300Sl Getting too hot...

    R107 300sl going up to 95 degrees after idling for 25 mins, maybe normal! However, coolant is bubbling out over the extension tank and causing the coolant to obviously leak & go down (unless there's another leak!). Am hoping just to replace the tank and cap as where the brass meets the plastic...
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