1. gr1nch

    £30k to spend on a car. What do you go for?

    Got a few minutes to spare? With Christmas coming early, imagine you have today an extra £30k in your pocket to buy any car (not necessarily M-B) available right now on the basis you would have it for 2 years. You can also P/X whatever car(s) have - but list if you do. Post the actual car...
  2. merc85

    sec £30k??

    What is so special about this sec?? serious question, as i dont understand? Mercedes Benz 500 SEC AMG V8 | eBay
  3. BillyW124

    £30k 124 Cab M104.

    Mercedes E320 Cabriolet Sportline ( 124-series ) For Sale (1996) on Car And Classic UK [C523905] from CI.
  4. 300CE

    Mercedes-Benz 2.3 16v Cosworth Blue Black Metallic - 6k miles - £30k!!

    Mercedes-Benz 2.3 16v Cosworth Blue Black Metallic | eBay
  5. gunning

    Something interesting for sub £30k

    I am looking for a sub £30,000 Mercedes something interesting, rare, AMG, Brabus, you name it im interested. Looking at R230 SL, newer CL, or older CL65, designo cars, just anything that catches your eye, let me know. Had a look on the interenet for a few hours but nothing really caught my eye...
  6. The Dent Guy

    Premium Bonds - £30k in 1 block or multiple blocks?

    I know a number of you have Premium Bonds so, while the bank interest rate has dropped so badly, i figured it was a good time for a punt on these myself. I know that any number is capable of being drawn but, statistically speaking, newer numbers are more likely to win a prize and those bought...
  7. jwarren

    £30k to spend on a twin-mobile

    Hi I currently have a W203 and having just discovered that the wife is having twins :crazy: , and that I already have a mad 6 year old :devil: , I need a larger car that can take three child seats in the back. I have about £30k to spend and need opinions on either a new W204 (but not much...
  8. janner

    W124 for £30K??

    Charles Ironside strikes again. Nice enough car but 31 big ones :crazy:
  9. KillerHERTZ

    New shape SL for £30k?

    Any chance? Ive seen them for £35k Any spec :)
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