1. B

    Engine hunting at a steady 30mph

    My W203 facelift c220 cdi when driving along at a steady 30mph the engine hunts and the revs go up and down slightly. Tickover is fine , Acceleration is fine as well as kickdown, it is just at a steady 30 or 40 mph the revs go up and down and you can feel the car in sequence with it.
  2. J

    E200CDI Auto - gearchange at 30mph. Is this right?!!

    Hi everyone, hopefully someone can tell me that this is just a foible of this car/gearbox combination but I just need to make sure. I've recently bought a 3 year old E200CDI Bluefficiency with the 5 speed auto box. Overall I'm very happy with the car (apart from it being a little under...
  3. developer

    The 30mph speed limit is unsuitable for much of today's driving conditons

    Apart from the obvious danger areas, for example, school zones, narrow side streets and the like. I did the first IAM observed drive today - two hours long, and for those two hours I held up the traffic constantly, as my observer "forced" me to observe the 30mph limit along a selection of A...
  4. biturbo

    r129 remote softtop closing and closing at upto 30mph

    Hi all, I've bought a roof module with 3 ecu stye things and lots of wires. 10 pages of instructions. The idea is you can close the softtop with he remote control, one touch closing when in the car and you can open and close at upto 30mph. Anyone installed such a module in there car, is it as...
  5. J

    Gearbox? Slightest hesitation when accelerating at 30mph

    My 53 Sept '03 build C180K has been giving a slight slip-wouldn't say judder-it just feels like it is decoupling on and off for a micro second at about 30 odd MPH much like I had gone over a rough patch of tarmac. It sometimes takes a small while to engage reverse and can judder a little when...
  6. D

    Speed cameras and road safety keep drivers within 30mph speed limit

  7. D

    6 months ban doing 43 in a 30mph zone!!!

    http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/crime/article4309551.ece Might as well give up driving. Go on the buses.
  8. culpano

    Snapped doing 39mph in a 30mph zone

    Got the "Notice of Intended Prosecution" letter. Any idea what the likely fine amount will be ? I was snapped on a main road at 10pm - no other cars on road.
  9. Goldfish11

    SLK roof mod - open while at speeds of 30mph?!

    I am still "dreaming" of getting an SLK. After a 1 day test drive I am even more convinced and have been looking at mods. I have spotted some "vario-comfort-roof-modules" or "smart top" "comfort roof" modules. These enable you to do all sorts of things including lowering and raising the...
  10. KLP 92

    Pulled over by police doing 60mph in 30mph!

    Well being a typical friday night i was on my way home in the early hours of the morning. I had 6 people in my S600 as i was the designated driver and everyone else was over the limit so had to squeeze an extra person in the back. Anyway was making my way through the back streets of Hendon to...
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