1. T

    Becker BE 3100 (Merc Audio 10) for sale.

    Please see eBay advert at: Mercedes Audio 10, Becker BE 3100 (A 212 820 09 86) on eBay (end time 12-Apr-11 18:13:33 BST) If there are no bids on the item, I can end the listing early (at least I think I can!) - PM me if you are not on eBay and have £40 free (or £55 if you want it posted). Thanks.
  2. J

    Parrot 3100

    Has anyone fitted or had fitted a Parrot 3100 in an R171? If so where did the display module fit. Any pictures would be much appreciated
  3. kurtdaley

    Need my parrot 3100 fitting

    Anybody know any mobile fitters who could fit this for me? I am in the Altrincham area and don't want to get ripped off. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Kurt
  4. anarchy-inc

    Parrot 3100

    Just received a Parrot 3100 bluetooth carkit from work and was all excited about installing it when I realized it has no speaker output!!!! :eek: :mad: :confused: Every carkit I've ever installed had a speaker output or the option of installing leads to mute the radio and pipe the sound to...
  5. A

    Becker Be 3100 Instructions

    Becker be3100 -Audio10 Can anyone tell me how to tune in and save stations into memory as I have lost the manual. Thanks Andrew
  6. H

    Mercedes audio 10 BE 3100 Cassette Radio

    hi all i have a new audio 10 cassette radio for sale, this is from a ML removed 01/02/2004 complete with manual and code card, perfect will fit all mercs / cars with standard ISO wiring £99 plus shipping questions to k.kamal@virgin.net cheers kenny
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