1. carat 3.6

    WANTED: w124 320e ecu

    Hi all, looking for an early ecu with the part number: 017 545 32 32 Please pm me if you have one, cash waiting...
  2. cobra7

    1993 320e

    Spotted this and in a funny sort of way i really like the colour - a good investment maybe as can't be many around like this? Used 1993 Mercedes-Benz AMG E for sale in West Midlands | Pistonheads
  3. arfan786

    w124 320e amg for sale

    Its with regret I am having to sell my mercedes w124 320e amg. Its a car I would love to keep but the pending house move means I will have to let it go as I wont have the luxury of garage space. They just don't make cars like this any more (build quality, german engineering at its best) 1993...
  4. carat 3.6

    Breaking 1993 Mercedes 320e W124

    Hi all, I've got a members 320e here, to be broken for parts this week. The car has an excelent mushroom coloured interior, with iluminated vanity mirrors. The 8 hole alloys are in good shape, though the tyres are worn. All the electrics work, lights, sunroof, windows, ect. The car will be...
  5. C

    320E Classic in Spain

    My son lives in Southern Spain and has spotted this 320E classic. I think it is an ok buy, but I would very much appreciate the panel's opinions and what he should particularly look out for.
  6. 300CE

    320E Mercedes W124 - Cheapie with MOT (£595.00)

    320E Mercedes W124 | eBay Correction - £565.00!
  7. P

    W124 320e Twin turbo - £1500

    It is a silver W124 320E with a hughes twin turbo conversion. There is something wrong with the engine, I believe it is lacking in oil pressure. Turbo conversion is fine. No mot or tax obviously as it has been laid up. Would be a great project to get back on the road. 340bhp if I remember...
  8. A

    Nice W124 320E with AMG kit

    I'm sure this belonged to a member here before? 1993 W124 MERCEDES 320 E AUTO BROWN AMG EXCELLENT | eBay UK If I recall correctly it was found and listed on here somewhere in the North West (otherwise that was a very similar one). If it's the same one, I think it hadn't been used for a...
  9. EDZ649

    1993 320e with only 71k and AMG bodykit

    After much deliberation I have decided that I need to thin down my collection so I can concentrate on the W116 restoration so sadly the W124 has to go... Some of you may remember when I bought it at the back end of last year it had been off the road for some time due to the previous owner...
  10. R

    w111 comand problem 320e cdi HELP

    should the comand unit work if the radio amp [hk] is not connected,can the hk amp be replaced by any other amp.can anyone suggest a merc man who can sort this out, MIDLANDS AREA.
  11. A

    W124 320E In Cornwall

    Needs a wiring loom apparently, but leather and good bodywork. 1995 MERCEDES-BENZ E320 Auto
  12. R

    Radio amp. Merc 320e cdi 2005 w111

    Amp required, used. Harmon kardon system fitted.comand ect. I do not have part number can any one help
  13. R

    Merc 320e cdi 2005

    Can anyone help with the part number of the radio amp,i have a harmon kardon system,old amp stolen,amp is left hand side in boot,who may have used stock ??
  14. w124amg

    320e 24 v suspected headgasket

    Iam i right in thinking that the 24 version is said to be not as reliable as the 12 v , my w124 has been stood for at least 2 months , I put a new tyre on it today looked at the front pads saw the size of the calipers and hastily put the wheel back on ! . Anyway it started on 4 then got...
  15. EDZ649

    W124 320e sticky throttle

    Now that the 320e is finally on the road I have been driving it around and noticed that the throttle seems very stiff compared to other cars I have driven. I realise that some modern cars like my previous E55 are drive by wire and therefore not a great comparison but you have to press the...
  16. D

    Mercedes 320e amg w124 saloon

    MERCEDES 320E AMG W124 SALOON on eBay (end time 03-Oct-09 21:59:56 BST)
  17. EDZ649

    320e W124 Wheel question

    I have just bought a 1993 320e and I want to put some AMG or at least geniune MB wheels on it. I have just spotted these on ebay which I quite like... Mercedes Benz Monoblock Alloys with Tyres 17" x 7.5" on eBay (end time 22-Sep-09 20:11:34 BST) Can anyone tell me if they will fit please as...
  18. EDZ649

    320e Parts Wanted

    Having just bought a 1993 320e (W124), I need a few bits; New or good used alternator Pair of front wings. Would consider a pair of good used original wings:D Both transmission cooling pipes, the steel part, not the flexis, long shot I know but someone might have some knocking around!:) What...
  19. EDZ649

    1992 320e AMG

    Thinking about selling the E55 again and getting something a bit more classic. I have always loved the W123 coupes but I have also seen this for sale which I quite like and wondered what your opinions were re price, potential issues, known problems with this model and a rough idea to sort the...
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