1. ringway

    10 Year Old VW Transporter Van. £35,000.

    It's nice, but it's not £35,000 nice! LINK.
  2. J

    My £35 bargain of the day :)

    this just arrived in the post, wasnt looking for one but when it came up on ebay for £35 i just had to say yes please :) Now i gotta get it fitted to my w202 c250 me thinks :)
  3. ioweddie

    Aston Martin DBR9 only £35

    I have a nice diecast 1:18 model for sale 1:18 Diecast Aston Martin DBR9 2005 LeMans Solido Stunning Rare Model Car | eBay ;)
  4. C

    Fuel Service through Halfords, worth the £35?

    Halfords have an offer "MOTs only £27.42 Save 50% rrp £54.85" but within the offer there are additional offers which one is called "fuel cleaning" for £35. I remember Wheeler Dealers doing this on one of their cars using a hired machine and it lowered the emmisions by quite a bit. I'm just...
  5. blondebier

    W168 A160 CDI Classic SE - Over 60MPG and £35 a year to tax...

    The time has come to sell our A160 cdi. It's a facelift W168(2003 -53) and the SE Specification includes Air Conditioning, Traction Control, Front Electric Windows, Electric Heated Door Mirrors, Power Steering, Remote Central Locking, Passenger and Side Airbags and CD player. It's done just...
  6. M

    Boggle: 1924 Mercedes chassis; a snip at £35,000!

    And it has spent most of its life dragging slurry round a Norfolk farm: Old Racing Car - For sale
  7. A

    5 copies of EVO magazine for £5 and free polish worth £35

    Hello Hope this is ok to post? Spotted on another forum I'm on, seems a good deal if you don't already subscribe. Apparently on check out it says nothing about the free gift, however when you get the e-mail confirmation its on there. just REMEMBER if you don't want to continue cancel the...
  8. salesac1

    £35 MOT at Greenoaks in Berkshire

    Just seen an ad by Greenoaks (MB stealers) in local paper - they are offering MOT for £35 (saving £15.35) plus 25% contribution towards the price of any MOT-related work. Applies to the Ascot, Reading & Slough stealerships and is valid only for MB cars. The ad doesn't say if this is a...
  9. jaymanek

    XBox on tescos for £35!

    Just got a call from mate, he has bought three x box's (with wireless controls and games) from tesco.com for under £100! I tried to do the same but the site froze when i was putting my c/card details in... think they have realised...
  10. W

    My £35 mod

    An oem w210 avantgarde grill cut to fit the w202 frame, costs £35 (from ebay brand new) and 1.5hours of work. Well worth it though. Thanks for this thread http://mbclub.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=288&highlight=w210+grill :bannana: :bannana:
  11. Alfie

    £35 off dixons on-line

    Following on from an earlier thread regarding Tom Tom Go sat Nav units, Dixons appear to be offering £35 off again! Shame they have run out of Tom Tom's. Check out the link below, on the right it tells you about the dixons35 promotional code. http://www.shop4camcorders.co.uk/
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