1. V

    W164 When 320 CDI to 350 CDI

    W164 When 280 CDI change to 320 CDI Hi all, We don't have an ML yet, still looking. We have decided we want a 280 CDI or 320 CDI I see some changes, but I am sure there are more which I haven't spotted. The front headlights The steering wheel The wheels look different also...
  2. M

    Slk 350

    Is anybody planning on selling their SLK shortly? I have been on the look out for an SLK 350 for the past month and half but cannot find any decent examples. Must have: Post 2008 VMR Low number of owners Fully documented and up to date MB dealer service history with no services...
  3. sosen13

    cls 350 AMG shooting brake

    Hi there, first time on the forum. For last few years I was driving honda accord, which I keep but decided to go for second car and choosen mercedes cls 350 amg shooting brake so far I have paid deposit, and I shall collect on Saturday. Feeling so excited!
  4. Eddy77

    Road Trip Video - CLK 350 in the Alps

    A video from my recent trip to the Alps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apSsO9657C8 Thoroughly recommended. 2,200 miles in seven days. Zero problems with either car (CLK and a 911). Enjoy!
  5. Gbrowncls55

    2005 sl 350 command nav graphics

    I have a 2005 (55) sl350 with full command. I also have a cls55 with the same system and used to have a 2004 E500 also with the same system. However the nav graphics in both the E500 and cls were / are far far superior to the SL even thoughthey are the same system and the SL between the other...
  6. T

    New outgoing S 350 CDI ? Madness

    Considering getting a new car The bonnet star is a must for me. Sad, I know, don't remind me. There are a few current Sclasses being shifted with Diesel engines Do ya reckon it's madness buying one in current climate? Presume hard negotiation is possible and 0% finance
  7. R5RYP

    Remap n/a Engine

    Hi chaps, I have a 2013 CLS 350 petrol. It is a 3.5l V6 naturally aspirated and i have had a free flow exhaust system fitted from the cat-back, mercedes claim that this variant puts out 306bhp. Now i believe the CLS400 has the same engine but tuned to 333bhp. My question is, If i remap my...
  8. D

    2011 CLS Coupe 350 22600 miles Paladium Alpaca Grey

    MiNT CLS AMG 2011. w218. Paladium rare Alpaca Grey Leather Just 22600 miles FMBSH. Last service May 2017 MOT April 2017 New rear tyres £16500 Will outbid traders offers. All usual CLS fitment Memory Heated seats 6CD/DVD changer.
  9. V

    CLK 350 ( Think Its Scrap!)

    My new purchased 55 plate CLK, drives ok but noticed no CEL, so took for plug in check today. Lots of codes, some serious, the mechanic said he was surprised it even ran, and was not worth repairing. Hear we go 1/0060 incorrect exhaust cam adjustment 2/0527 intake manifold flaps/tumble...
  10. V

    2005 CLK 350 (New Purchase)

    Evening Just purchased a nice 2005 CLK 350 convertible, to go with my ML 270. The 350 was quite cheap and has a few faults, comand pauses, no keyless start key etc. But after reading some reports it seems as though my car will soon be scrap due to the harmonic balancer, which seems to fail...
  11. V

    CLK 350 Comand 4 Second Pause!

    Morning Just purchased a CLK 350 Sport (2005) to go with my ML. Really pleased with it but the Comand unit has a annoying fault. All features work but at various intervals the radio/CD (what ever is playing) switches off, then after 3 to 4 seconds comes back on the screen still stays light...
  12. snowshredder

    SL 350 V6 2003 - Crank sensor

    can anyone point me to it's whereabouts please ??
  13. K

    Another W212 350 Cdi E Class Estate

    After a run of Audi BMW and fast ST Fords in the last 17 years I have now acquired my 2nd Mercedes in the shape of a 2010 W212. Two previous owners with full MBSH to date at 76K miles. Completely different to my ST Estate 2.0T!! which is a nice car but it has its issues!! MB is much more...
  14. Londonscottish

    350 GGI Estate

    Not many of these about... Mercedes-Benz E Class 3.5 E350 BlueEFFICIENCY Sport 5dr
  15. snowshredder

    2003 SL 350 starting problem

    had the car 12 months and now i'm getting problems starting it after short runs, starts outside house but after short run it won't fire up just turning over, had this a few times now, left it a while and tried again a few times over and eventually it started up, the other day i was outside a...
  16. A

    CLK 350 boot lock not unlocking on remote

    I have a CLK 350 (W209) cabriolet. The manual opening (release) handle on the boot will now suddenly not work when the rest of the car locks are opened on the normal "all open" button on the remote control. Please - any ideas?? To clarify: - The boot lock opens fine when either the boot release...
  17. Mo2312

    W209 CLK 350 AMG sport 7g coupe

    Hi All I have decided to put up my clk for sale, just not practical enough for me, so have decided to buy a range rover sport diesel. Ive had her since last summer and have taken good care of her, changed any potential issues like the balance shaft. I have advertised the car on autotrader...
  18. R

    Mercedes Cls 350 2005 Cylinder 6 Misfire

    *0632 Misfire * 0648 Miafiring Of Cylinder 6 Worsening Of Exhaust Emission Value After Engine Start ( P0306) * 2326 The Engine Off Time has Has An Implausible Value Compression Test Done Cylinder 6 Side All Low Compression Other Side Is All Good Dont Know What To Do Any Suggestions Let Me Know
  19. tingtongpj

    Thinking of buying 2005 SLK 350

    hi all i'm after some advice please i'm thinking of buying for the wife a 2005 54 plate SLK 350. i have read about engine issues but was just after some more help, the car has 80k with full service history, is it likely that the issues on engines even before 468993 would have shown issues...
  20. Londonscottish

    Do 212 350 Sports Come with Xenons as standard?

    Yet another 212 spec question - going to look at a 2010 E350 Sport. IIRC leccie tailgate is standard. Anyone know if Xenons were also standard fit?
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