1. iRadiate

    350e Questions.

    Hi fellow eco drivers. Have a few questions about the car. As I drive it more and more I'm getting used to it but there are some odd things occurring. 1) My command interface thingy stopped letting me play any audio. Wouldn't recognise the media card, wouldn't access the media register which is...
  2. M

    2017 Mercedes GLC 350d, 300, 350e, 4MATIC Coupe Drive and Interior - Video

    2017 Mercedes GLC 350d, 300, 350e, 4MATIC Coupe Drive and Interior 8M7fZ1PBbt0
  3. F

    350e estate 45mpg?

    Hi all. Works offered me a 350e estate.... I'm 99% going to do it. However my home to office trip is 180miles. All m5/m4. With a full charge at one end, will it average 45mpg on a motorway run at 70/75mph?
  4. A

    W213 E class at the Geneva Salon motorshow - E 350e

    Been away playing for a few days, but back now with some snaps to share - not your obvious ones either! However if your a future purchaser these might help. E 350e details:
  5. Z

    350e Delays

    I ordered a C Class 350e Estate in April 2015. I was quoted an August Delivery. This was pushed back to October after a few weeks. Ive just been told It's now been pushed back to February 2016, with no guaranteed delivery date. I ordered via Orangewheels and got a good discount which is no...
  6. M

    350e seat belts

    Hi i have a 2015 C Class 350e and i have notice that the seat belts don’t take the slack back when you put them on like my old C Class did. I know you can turn them on and off but can’t find the setting. Has any body else had this problem with a 350e and do you know where the belt tensioners...
  7. 350e

    C-Class 350e - Your charging experiences

    In order to reduce pressure on that other thread, the size of which is now getting silly, I am reporting my experience of charging, Chargers and all related stories. Charged mine today via a Chargemaster point and after the initial faff associated with the connectivity to the post I charged the...
  8. 350e

    C Class 350e owners. My car

    I took delivery of a 350e just over a week ago and am delighted with it :) It is brilliant blue with the beige leather and walnut facia. I am still discovering how to operate all the features such as distronic and parking a sister etc. A few pictures of the handover, will add more in...
  9. 350e

    C Class 350e owners. Which display did you select today ?

    I started off today showing the radio channel in the multifunction display centre. I wanted to know if my style of driving was spending or producing energy. Delighted to find, among many others, the graphic screen that tells me just what I wanted and here it is. So which one did you choose...
  10. 350e

    C Class 350e owners. What you may not have discovered yet about your car !

    Thought I would create this thread mainly to relieve the pressure on the nearly 100 pages of the 350e thread which is covering everything about our beautiful car :) Now as many know I took delivery of my car yesterday and am completely wowed by it. Of course it is a complete mystery to...
  11. 350e

    C Class 350e Potential buyers need to hurry to gain government grant

    Those considering the C-Class 350e and wanting the £5000 government grant may need to act soon. The government have said that the present grant scheme will be maintained until 50,000 registrations have been reached then new figures apply. Judging by the report below by the limit may soon...
  12. 350e

    350e on order

    Hey everybody :) Short sentence telling you that I am trading my Jaguar for a 350e which I hope to collect in a few weeks time. Having said that, after reading 29 pages related to the 350e and the possible delays that others have reported, I am not sure.
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