1. B

    Mercedes SLK 230, Genuine Low 35k miles with FMBSH, 150+ pics

    My SLK230 is for sale on Ebay with 150 pics and a 6 page description! If anyone fancies a look here is a link . . . Mercedes SLK 230, Genuine Low 35k miles with FMBSH, 150+ pics | eBay Looking for £6000 ono.
  2. P

    Flat spot at 3.5k rpm

    Hi all, As I'm doing less miles in the old girl recently I have allowed myself the pleasure of occasionally going mad and revving up to over 4k rpm once in a while without crying at petrol stations. I've noticed a flat spot at about 3k -3.5k rpm before it picks up again at 4k+ I seem to...
  3. BTB 500

    Auto gearbox oil replacement at 4 years / 35k miles?!

    The Vito is in for a B service today, and the dealership have advised that it needs the ATF replacing - it's 4 years old and has only done 35k miles! This is covered under the service contract, so won't cost me a penny ... but it seems the days of 'sealed for life' have well and truly gone! This...
  4. M

    Ford Fiesta for sale 51 plate 35k

    I have 51 Fiesta for sale , thought i'd ask on here before i ebay it. Its a 1.3 5 speed in rather nice metallic Pacific Green, sunroof , central locking, PAS, alloys, MOT till June 2011. 35K miles from new and in really good nick . I havent driven it much as I bought it off a neighbour but it...
  5. B

    1989 MERCEDES 300E 4MATIC AUTO, 35K - EBay

    1989 MERCEDES 300E 4MATIC AUTO, 35K, V.RARE. STUNNING Just sold for £3,200 on EBay - Was this a good buy? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320354893580&ssPageName=ADME:B:WNA:GB:1123&autorefresh=true It looked very nice, just needs a leather interior I know that they are...
  6. Donza

    3.5k on insurance for a E320 CDi!!!!!!!

    This is ridiculous. My previous car was written off and i lost two years no claims as the driver failed to stop. 3.5k is very steep... Am i being shafted here?
  7. Bobby Dazzler

    Vauxhall Astra Coupe Turbo, Leather, Europa, 35k, FVSH

    I've finally made the difficult decision to replace the Astra ...with a C32 AMG!! :bannana: So I need to find another loving home for my pride and joy... I've put together a PDF for printing/emailing: Email me at [email protected]...
  8. Alfie

    Cheap no reserve CLK Cabrio silver 35k miles

  9. D

    Replacement Disks after 35k miles?

    I took my 4.5 yr old S500 in for an A service. Prior to the service there has been a SLIGHT judder from the brakes when braking from 70mph or so. Nothing serious. At the service I asked them to check. The result was a statement that ALL 4 disks needed replacing at a cost of £900!!!! I told them...
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