1. clk320x

    380 SEC Anyone

    380 SEC 98k miles - quick sale due to company car For Sale (1982) on Car And Classic UK [C853225] 380 SEC for sale , 98K miles, 1982 £3800 ONO looks good :)
  2. B

    w126 380

    good afternoon, new to this site so hope im posting in correct place:dk: i am considering purchasing a 1983 w126 saloon that is coming up for sale in a classic car auction. the car has a FSH, and only covered 66000 genuine miles from new in the hands of only 2 owners, and would appreciate some...
  3. R

    Wanted- 380 SEL centre section exhaust

    Hi, Looking for just the centre section exhaust for my 1984 380 SEL preferably 2nd hand in good condition, or any recommendation's new part. Thanks,
  4. D

    mercedes 380 se 63k with fsh

    1985 Mercedes-Benz 380SE 63,000 Miles & FSH! | eBay
  5. merc85

    380 Sel Runner up 2007

    Hi I havent got another Mercedes yet, but this was my 380 sel 24k from new when i had her, ex dubai embassy. Come runner up in Street concours 2007 @ Mercedes Benz world.
  6. I

    W126 380 wont start

    Hi All, As it was raining this morning I decided to take the car to work. Jumped in and cranked away, engine turns but does not fire. Tried it a few times no joy, whipped out the FPR and jumpered it ( could hear the pump running) still no joy. Im wondering if anybody has thoughts on what it...
  7. I

    W126 380 Fuel Pump Relay

    Hi all, I think I have a dodgy fuel pump relay and would like some assistance confirming this. The reason I think the relay could be at fault is because it does not "prime" the system when I turn on the ignition. I removed the relay and jumpered it and the pump ran. The car starts on the...
  8. E

    380 slc (1981)

    Hello people. I have been offered a 1981 380slc. I know absolutely nothing about these cars and was hoping people could advise me on what to look out for. :confused: I have only had a quick look at the car for now and have really been drawn to the way it looks. Ive been told that it has been...
  9. B

    w126 380 se or sel

    i am looking for a 380 se or sel at a reasonable price. why a 380? you may think. well for some reason i cant explain the insurance is way way cheaper for me than any other w126 even the 280's etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated there must be loads of them lying around out there...
  10. B

    Wanted w126 380 se or sel

    Hello i am looking for a 380 se or sel at a reasonable price. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Richard
  11. I

    W126 380 SEL vacuum diagram

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone happened to have a vacuum diagram for a 380 sel. I suspect I have a vacuum leak as I have flaring when shifting from 2nd to 3rd but if I shift "manually" its quite a firm shift. I have changed the ATF/filter and K1 spring. I also noticed that when stationary...
  12. 300CE

    1982 mercedes 380 slc auto blue

    Looks pretty straight for the money: 1982 MERCEDES 380 SLC AUTO BLUE | eBay
  13. M

    Sl 380 R107

    this whilst not cheap looks to be a nearly new SL 13,000miles ....very nice however some would say a hardly used car has its own problems we dont seem to have too many threads on here re SL R107 im considering one of these for Mrs H normally reserved for middle aged film star types with their...
  14. 300CE

    1981 Mercedes 380 SEC Coupe Blue **Spares or Repair**

    Bit confused as the description states the car is Mot'd and runs but needs trailering away - not sure if this is because it's not taxed (as not stated) or there is another mechanical issue: 1981 Mercedes 380 SEC Coupe Blue **Spares or Repair** | eBay
  15. WG M-B

    Sl 380 engine 116.962

    Does anyone have one of these ? Need a decent runner asap engine 116.962
  16. C

    Wanted 380 or 450SE differential/ring-pinion gear for my 560SEC-USA

    Hello to all my Mercedes Euro mates! I am a newbie on this forum and would like to post a wanted add. I have a 560SEC 1988 USA/California version, since I live in California and I have the need to locate a set of differential ring and pinion gear from an European 380 or 450 SE from the 1980's...
  17. R

    380 SLC ? fuel or electrical problem.

    Hello all, i am recommissioning a 1980 380SLC.It had sat for approx 8 years until earlier this year when the then owner started to work on it. Work stopped and i made the purchase of RSO 1R intending to bring it back to life. I drained and cleaned fuel tank, fitted new fuel pump and filter. The...
  18. tintinmt

    380 SL in the local paper

    I have no connection to the advertiser, but I saw this in the Surrey Ad. Briefly:- Aug 1983 380 SL. Steel Grey, FSH, 3 owners, 92K miles. New MOT, recent service. 'imaculate'. £7000 ono 07801 476576
  19. franey

    Old 380 SLC on ebay only 78k

    Just spotted this one.......... If anyone wants me to take a look, please PM as it is local to me. 1981 MERCEDES 380 SLC AUTO BLUE Project Spares COMPLETE on eBay (end time 30-Jun-09 22:18:09 BST)
  20. M

    380 SEC 1985- Need new clock and dial instruments

    Hi there, my uncle has a Mercedes 380 SEC and basically the dials for the clock and speedometer are not working. I am not sure if there is a way to get a second hand cockpit to help resolve this. At the moment, the parts arent available. Can someone help me in what is the best way to obtain...
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