1. A

    who can help? benz 38pin connector can work for old cars?

    My freind Mark has a autocom diagnostic tool but it can't do his old benz car. A auto technician said that he can use the connector for autocom so that it can diagnose the old cars. he find the a 38pin connector from a online shop but he don't whether it can work. His benz car is E200 1990. Is...
  2. C

    CLK Diagnostic Problem

    My CLK200 Kompressor, year 2000, has a 38 pin diagnostic connector. There appears to be no voltage at pin 3 (12v?). Does anybody have any suggestions as to why?
  3. A

    S/W204 - ODB2, 16pin, or 38pin?

    All, I'm looking at getting one of these Bluetooth OBD2 adapters, feeding an Android piece of software (Torque for Android)) for my C250 S204. Reason ? No reason other than out of interest. I've read lots so far, but one thing I've not found out yet is if the OBD2 port on the S/W204 is 16pin...
  4. BigDusty

    38pin Fault Code Reader

    Hi all, OK, have asked this question before but that was a while ago and maybe just maybe there will be new electronic equipment about on the market. I have a 1996 C230K and the Fault code reader connection is the old dreaded round 38pin socket.:mad: I have seen this for sale on Amazon...
  5. B

    OBD 38pin Scanner

    I have a CLK320 (2000 model) without a 16pin socket in the drivers footwell, so does anyone have a 38pin scanner which is any good?
  6. Msmax

    Where to buy 38pin diagnostic plug?

    I have my scanner almost ready and need a 38pin plug for Mercedes diagnostics. Any one know where I can buy one? Thanks for your help in this. Regards, Msmax
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