1. markjay

    This must be well worth the £400 asking price...?

    Incredible picture emerges of deadly World War Two air battle which pilot described as 'enjoyable' - Mirror Online...
  2. poormansporsche

    AMG Kitted CLK Conv - £400 !!!!

    worth buying for the bumpers alone - must be of use to someone on here :) https://www.gumtree.com/p/mercedes-benz/spares-or-repair....clk320-avantgarde-auto..-/1153858329
  3. N

    W163 ML Heavy Duty Metal Dog Guard - The £400+ mega one.

    A proper dog guard that would stop a brace of 10 stone Akitas from breaking your neck. If you like your dog but don't fancy wearing it in the event of an accident this is what you need. Really heavy duty construction, no dog is getting through this unless you've trained it to use an angle...
  4. st13phil

    Oh dear, indignant lycra lout fined £400 for speeding in Richmond Park

    Once again, a cyclist who thinks the rules don't apply to him. But they do... :D
  5. gIzzE

    ML Metal Dog Guard - 98-01 - The £400 one!

    I have a one of the metal dog guards for sale for a '98-01 W163 ML. This is the heavy duty metal one, these are over £400 from Mercedes. This one... DOG GUARD - M Class 1998 - 2005 Accessories - Mercedes-Benz Parts, Inchcape This is in very good condition, never actually been used...
  6. Silver CL55

    Mini group buy of RENNtech V2 lowering module, sub £400. 1 place available

    http://www.renntechmercedes.com/www/support_files/mb_lm.pdf 3 year warranty on the module, up from the usual 1 year. PM me if you want in
  7. J

    Gear electronic shifter been quoted £400 plus fitting?

    Wifes car stuck in first (2001 320 auto) 300 miles away from home . Tow truck took her to Mercedes indie who said that, maybe drink-etc, had damaged the gear changer electrics. Garage said it was a sealed unit, so difficult to get into the electonics. Only way was new replacement (£400), plus...
  8. B

    '93 W124 220TE £400 North East

    Currently for sale on Retro-Rides. No MOT, rear suspension needs attention and almost 180k but still taxed for three months. Retro Rides - 93' Mercedes 220TE estate - £400 - Newcastle
  9. SportsCoupeRich

    TV unit - very nice one too. £400 > £150.

    Hi all. 8 months old. Very stylish unit that doesn't fit new house. Also hard to get hold of as always sold out. Floating shelf TV unit white In excellent condition. Would need collecting from Fulham by van. Would do a deal for a member or member's friend - say £130. Thanks...
  10. tali

    Merc S320 R reg -£400

    but poverty spec:D:eek: Retro Rides - 1997(R) Trackday Mercedes S-class - £400 - Norwich
  11. M

    E320 estate for £400

    This has got to be worth it for someone hereabouts: 1993 MERCEDES E320 ESTATE / TAX AND TEST For Sale on Car And Classic UK It's even T+Ted, so you could scrap it and get... £90 quid back from DVLA. C'mon - FSH, leather, electric seats... what are you waiting for? :)
  12. M

    m reg w124 E250 DIESEL £400

    Ive been offered an m reg e250 diesel auto that i only want for the wheels. Its another one that I sold brand new when i worked at the local mercedes agent. Its had 1 owner from new, white with blue cloth, walnut trim. Body work isnt good. Its been off the road for a while due to the owner...
  13. N

    W210 £400 rust repair.

    Have had the car back since last week but only now got round to getting some quick pictures, never did manage to get some before pictures. Scab starting in the corner of the rear panel just above the chrome. Was about 2 inches in size. All the arch was rusted here, also around 5...
  14. KillerHERTZ

    Recommend a LCD 32"/37" for around £400?

    Last night my 42" Plasma finally died - it was an acient beast that I bought 2 years ago off Howard, so old in fact that Charles 1st used it for presentations on the The Roundheads ;) Im on the hunt for a new LCD for around £400 - £450 if its a 37". Id prefer a 37" as im thinking 32" will be...
  15. coupe deville

    Karen Mathews £400 a week benefits

    How come the welfare system in this country allows low lifes like Karen Mathews to live the life she did. In a dirty squalid house on a run down estate she bled you and me [the taxpayer] of hundreds of pounds a week so she could chain smoke and drink everyday without doing a stroke of work. Her...
  16. D

    Exposed: How scheming power firms rig prices to con families out of £400 every year

  17. splang

    Stonking quad core dell system for around £400

    have a look at this: http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=86585 okay, the graphics card is basic but wow, what a system for that price.. I have just bought a computer recently but other might be interested? :bannana:
  18. Howard

    Which laptop for £400

    Gang, Some advice please ... I have £350 - 400 tops to spend on a laptop..... its only really going to get used for surfing the net , putting photos on and general letter writing and such... I don't play games, download DVD's or anything so it's not going to be taxed, but obviously i...
  19. smillion

    £400,000 for this car collection

    You don't see this on e-bay everyday. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/WORLD-FAMOUS-STAR-CAR-COLLECTION_W0QQitemZ320032743166QQihZ011QQcategoryZ2192QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  20. P

    w203 - c180 air mass sensor £400+??!!!

    while driving back from uni,my c180 sport coupe just started shuddering a lil then i noticed that one of the warning lights came on. i stopped and decided to read what i had to do in the manual,it said that it maybe a fault with the ignition or exhaust and to take it to a mercedes dealer asap...
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