1. mercmanuk

    tag heuer 4000 series steel

    tag heuer 4000 series steel owned from new 30 yrs never failed or looses time.has plenty of wear marks as would be expected but nothing serious.has 3 xtra links fitted to strap.comes in original box which is as new.might have purchase receipt but will check. looking to sell as ive just bought...
  2. D

    Engine revs to 4000 but no higher

    Hi there. I wonder if any one can help. I have a c200 coupe 51 plate. It started out that it wouldn't start after a hour run. I had to get it recovered back to my house. The next day it started but it won't rev past 4000 the only thing on my scanner it's showing is Fuel sys1 cl- fault. Does...
  3. T

    Vaneo A414 Topping out at 4000 RPM

    Hello, The Vaneo again. 1.7CDI, Manual, Diesel, 2002, A-Class, 150K+ miles. I had this problem last summer, then it went away and just returned during the nice weather. Car starts fine generally and no issue. Plenty revs and pull etc. When I get about 5 miles up the road, presumably...
  4. Palfrem

    4000 BMWs

    Yes, OK I know it's the DM, but this is a huge number of cars. VIP car lanes too. Olympic VIPs will be whisked around London in 4,000 BMWs ¿ so much for the ¿green Games¿! | Mail Online
  5. loveday

    C200 Coupe only revs to 4000 RPM is this normal

    Hi people, my partner has got a 2005 Mercedes C200 Compressor coupe and for the first time this weekend I drove the car and I noticed that the car does not rev past 4000 RPM is this normal on these cars? I can’t imagine it is as the rev counter goes to 7000 RPM could someone let me know if this...
  6. I

    manual shift cannot get above ~4000 rpm

    Hi All, first MB, c320 auto. when in manual shift , i cannot get above ~4000 RPM, allways shifts before i want it to. is this normal ?
  7. R

    W211 service changed from 4000 miles to 29 days?!?!

    Hi all. My 211 E280 CDI showed 4000+ miles to next service (B) Trying to manage my money better; i came up with a cunning plan a couple of months ago... I changed the oil and filter, air filters, and air pipe (includes both MAF sensors). I then started keeping it garaged, to bring out only...
  8. S

    Engine will not rev over 4000

    Hi have just got a c240 s reg and I have noticed that when I put my foot down it will not go passed 4000 revs can anyone help ?????? Thanks dannny
  9. KillerHERTZ

    Unimog U 4000 Camper

    Unimog U 4000 Camper Out into the big wide world with the Unimog Based on the Unimog U 4000 with its impressive chassis concept Unimog copes with arduous, long expeditions thanks to the Bocklet body On display at the off-road vehicle show in Bad Kissingen from 3 to 6 June 2010...
  10. M

    Hesitation at 4000 rpm

    Had the chance today to give my newly acquired steed a bit of beans for the first time and have to say that I was really impressed by how goddam rapid it is, however, I seem to have a quite obvious flat spot at 4000 rpm. Up to 4k it goes like stink then it seems to, take a breath if you like...
  11. nick mercedes

    4000 jobs exported to china...

    End of LDV, lift and shift Rover style, again, do we never learn? FT.com / UK - Ex-Rover aide buys van maker LDV
  12. A

    E280Cdi Sport 4000 miles for the price of a Skoda

    http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/925072.htm Has to be a good buy for someone??
  13. Redline

    W202 C180 doesn't go higher than 4000 rpm

    Hi there! I've been lurking around the forums for a while, but I haven't built up the nerve to join until today...:p I bought a well-used W202 this May and I love it, except for one major fault; most of the time it won't go over 4000 rpm! When I hit exactly 4000, it just starts to lurch, and...
  14. saorbust

    Clarky's New E320 CDI Avantgarde Saloon (4000 miles - its a 54 plate!)

    Only just got round to taking the photo's - sorry... Delivered on Sept 1st, and yes I do a lot of mileage :eek: - hence the luxury spec :D to eat up the miles ! Has the following options :bannana: :bannana: 489 AirMATIC Dual Control 633 Alloy Wheels (5 Spoke, 245/45/17) - Nappa...
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