1. roman82

    Looking info about 400e w124

    Hi everyone.i do looking a bit information about w124 400e pre face lift model .as I do currently have 400e amg. And want know a bit more. Some one told me that they been made in same factory where 500e was produced ( porshe hand built ). ????
  2. W

    400e amg

  3. 4

    1992 400e Parasitic Battery Drain

    , currently having some issues with my w124 400e, the damn battery keeps going flat!?! ive tested for a parasitic battery drain using a mulitimeter and have 1.51 amps with all the fuses and relays from the engine bay compartment fusebox removed??!?, another thing i have noticed is that when i...
  4. DanMorgan

    W124 400e amg

    mercedes benz AMG 400e e420 w124 500e lhd left hand drive | eBay Not a fan of the seats!
  5. 300CE

    RARE ! W124 400E (No Price Specified)

    on car and classic - apologies if already been listed!: RARE ! W124 400E For Sale (1992) on Car And Classic UK
  6. N

    w124 400e / 420e

    hi all , just a quick question if anyone knows of a 400e or 420e for sale or one that might be for sale in the near future. any help would be appreciated.theyre hard to find and i need help thanks nathan. email if anything but i will try to keep a track on here. thanks again...
  7. d w124

    Another 400e

    Rare car in UK yes but not as rare as the seller with his asking price :eek::eek: Mercedes 400 E for sale, classic cars for sale uk (Car: 114698)
  8. K

    400E Brake leaking - Master cylinder?

    I am losing brake fluid by the pint. I have looked underneath and can't see the leak but the steering box is soaked. No sign of a leak in the wheel well and the top is so pristine that it is even hard to imagine any corrosion so close. I'm just wondering if the master cylinder seal is...
  9. ACID

    mercedes 400E

    Karhouse : MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS 400 E - LHD seems cheap ! acid
  10. M

    W124 400e

    Hi all, Does anyone know anything about the W124 400E? I've seen one for sale locally over here and i'm really tempted. I like the idea of a great big V8 in a really ordinary looking car, this one looks like a 200, no badges or anything, you could really surprise some people in that! It...
  11. A

    W124 400e

    May be of interest to someone: MERCEDES 400E W124 SALOON 1992 LHD LEFT HAND DRIVE on eBay (end time 02-Jan-10 20:30:22 GMT) Andy C.
  12. pupsi

    Difference between a 400E and a 500E?

    The difference i am referring to is the bodywork, from pictures ive seen the 400E wings look wider than that of a normal W124, as do the rear arches. is this the case? i was thinking that because the 400E is an american car it may be wider and have a wider track.
  13. G

    400E Speaker Replacement

    I would like to replace the front door and rear deck speakers in my 1993 400E. I've investigated removal of the rear deck speakers and it appears that they come out through the inside of the car. Is there a trick to removing the plastic speaker covers without destroying the interior...
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