1. M

    Autogearbox problem Gl 420

    To start hello from a newbie and apologies if it's already been asked but have searched and can't find answer . Driving along earlier pulled upto a roundabout and lost all forward drive it went about 50 yards then nothing got reverse any ideas what it could be . Tia . Car has done 99000 miles...
  2. L

    M116 420 (1990 w126)

    Can anyone offer a definitive view on which fuels system is going to be on a 1990 420SE W126? searching the web gives mixed results. One site says Bosch D, but that's referring to the older series of cars (W107 and W116)
  3. O

    Gl 420 cdi

    Anyone here owned one or got one?, I'd like to know what they're like to live with, are they reliable overall?, I'm getting seriously irritated with Land Rover reliability issues at the moment, was thinking about a Cayenne but don't want something that does 12 MPG again!!.
  4. S

    1989, 15,000kms 420 SEL Engine Problem

    Hi guys, New to the forum but not completely new to Mercedes. I recently purchased a LHD 1989 W126 420 SEL with the super low mileage of 15,000kms. I have a massive history file to back up the mileage, also the condition of the vehicle strongly indicates that it is completely genuine, the black...
  5. Pfinix

    w126 420 SEC 1989

  6. Pfinix

    W126 420 SEC flor mats

    Hi there, Can someone recommend the place where I can buy floor mats (even Mercedes parts shop don't have any :wallbash:) I bought one from eBay (tailored) but they does't fit :crazy: Maybe someone already have his issue and know where I can buy mats for my SEC. Thanks from advance.
  7. Alienator

    What engine oil for Mercedes ML 2008 420 CDI ???

    Hi guys quick question what engine oil should I get for my V8???I have around 87K on clock 1.Castrol Edge FST fully synthetic 5W30 2.Castrol Edge Titanium FST fully synthetic 0W30 3.Genuine Mercedes Benz 5W30 Low Ash SAPS Engine Oil MB229.51 Fully Synthetic or maybe something else...
  8. R

    ML 320 vs 420

    Looking to ugrade my old 270 CDI, Looking at a 320 cdi and seen a couple of 420 cdi also in my budget (£10k). The 420 does have 150k on it though! Anyone had or driven both?
  9. Alienator

    Supernova Tuning Mercedes ML 420 CDI 1000NM of torque

    I found them on facebook and they claiming they can get 1000 Nm of Mercedes ML 420 CDI and they done it already to one of their customers...."This is remap only without any modification to the vehicle...." That's our short converation: Mercedes ML 420 CDI 1000NM of torque... Kris - 1000...
  10. D

    rust free 420 sel american style engine problem

    Mercedes 420sel W126 1987 LHD Project Rust Free Car | eBay
  11. SPX

    FS: My Mercedes ML 420 CDi Sport with full AMG kit

    My 56 plate (very very high spec) Mercedes ML 420 CDi Sport with full AMG kit is for sale Mileage: 110k Only one owner before me. Full Mercedes Benz detailed service history as follows: 30/07/2007: Mercedes Maidstone @ 7497 miles 12/09/2008: Mercedes Maidstone @ 22,731 miles...
  12. J

    DPF & EGR, repair, replace, remove? GL X164 ML W164 420 Cdi C220 Blueefficiency W204

    I have two Mercedes vehicles which are down on performance and have mpg's 25-45% lower than when I first purchased them and I believe the issue is down to the DPF factory fitted to both. The C220 '09 Blueefficiency has been to Mercedes for a forced ReGen of the DPF after an engine management...
  13. mercmush

    Low mileage w126 420 SE

    Here's a very low mileage 420 SE from an ebay seller called sonystuff2006. Does anyone know anything about this seller? In recent months he also sold 2 very nice looking 560 SELs. Any clues as to where he gets these w126s from? After all there can't be many people in the UK with a pair of...
  14. W

    1988 420 SE barn find

    Interesting to someone? 1988 MERCEDES-BENZ SE CLASS 420 SE 4DR AUTO | eBay
  15. Firepants78

    mercedes 420 sec jerks when accelerating and stop

    Hi There, Today new problem occur :( Driving by in the morning to work, after about 15 minutes of driving at the traffic lights, while accelerating car started to jerk at the next traffic lights, jerked and died. Have any ideas where to look for the cause?
  16. SPX

    Wanted: W164 ML 420 CDI or X164 GL 420 CDI

    As the title says, I'm after an ML 420 V8 CDI (must have AMG kit) or a GL 420 V8 CDI (ideally in black) Budget up to £20k for the right example. Thanks.
  17. SL300-24

    Number Plate for sale NUO 420

    Ageless plate will go on any age vehicle, Looks good if you have a 420 Mercedes £500 plus transfer fee (£105) currently on retention. I paid more than this for it in 1995 with receipt to prove. NUO 420
  18. B

    Mercedes 420 CL 1998

    I have a 1998 CL and having an issue with the Rev counter, it works fine then it will increase in revs irrespective of how fast I am going until it reaches maximum. Then next time I drive it starts to work OK then it does it again . Has anyone encountered such a problem - sorry about explanation...
  19. ioweddie

    spotted this on wightbay Merc 420 se

    1989 Mercedes 420 SE AUTO in Newport, Isle Of Wight Looks good for someone looking for a usable classic, not sure about the price though
  20. B

    Cl 420

    Please help !! I am new to the forum and would love some advice please. I am looking to buy a CL 4.2 pillar less coupe 1997 in September, I will take advantage of an RAC / AA inspection but could anyone give me any pointers before I commit to the model - I am new to the Mercedes brand. Cheers
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