1. martinswatton

    420SL r107 1988 key head

    Hi all, I need two new key heads for existing keys. I bought two from Ebay but they are too small - the part numbers of the heads I bought - A0007664406. I have since been informed this part number does not relate to my chassis number. Has anyone replaced their key heads on an r107? and if...
  2. R

    420sl r107 1989

    Hello Everyone I have a problem with my SL 107 in that no rear break lights are working, I checked the bulbs and they are fine, also tested with multi meter and no power is coming into the back cluster for the break lights only all other lights are working fine, Can anyone help point me in...
  3. martinswatton

    replace 420sl engine with 420se engine

    Hi, I posted before regarding the timing chain going on my 276k mile 1988 420SL. I have located a relatively low mileage engine out of a 420SE to replace - does anyone know whether there are any issues with replacing the SL unit with one from an SE? Thank you Martin
  4. P

    420sl won't turn over

    Hi all My 1986 420 sl died on the motorway last week at first thought the fuel gauge was faulty and it had run out of fuel. After having it towed home and put some fuel in it I now have when you turn the key the fuel pumps on contentious instead of only a few seconds and when turn the key to...
  5. jcampbell

    Mercedes 1987 107 420sl hot start problem

    My 1987 420sl has developed a hot start problem. When cold it starts fisrt time everytime and runs great. But when hot and its left for 20 minutes or longer its difficult to start. engine turns and will only fire up if I use throttle and still with dificulty. if I switch off and try and restart...
  6. W

    420SL erratic start, stall.

    My 420SL was running OK then failed to start. Narrowed it down to fuel pumps or relay. Turned out to be fuel pumps. Car went into garage to be serviced, MOT'd and fuel pumps replaced. Car ran OK home. At next start it ran erratically but picked up. Next start, engine started but petered out. At...
  7. D

    oil pressure 420sl

    hi ihave just had my car serviced before the service the oil pressure on idle when warm was 2 when driving 3 now it is between 1and 2at idle driving 3 also the car has done 149k 420sl thanks in advance regards damien :confused:
  8. C

    Spark Plug Gap for 420SL

    Hi My first time on this board. Could anyone tell me what the plug gap for my 1988 420SL should be? Thanks for your help.
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