1. E

    Wanted Hardtop Mercedes SL 450 R107 ASAP

    Hi everyone, If you have some information about who wants to sell the hardtop, please let me know. You can reach me at 07376101442 or email me at [email protected]. Thanks mate! cheers!
  2. S

    GLC 43 AMG (suv / estate) or GLE 450 (coupe) ?

    I'm thinking of cancelling my order for a GLC 43 AMG (the estate not coupe version) in view of the steering issues that everyone appears to be suffering. A new higher spec GLE 43 AMG is 10K more on drivethedeal or (for about the same money as the GLC), I can get into a 12 month old GLE 450...
  3. S

    What coolant for 1979 450 SL R107

    Hi I have just got hold of a 1979 450 SL which has been garaged for 10 years. I am changing all of the fluids but not sure what coolant to use? Can anyone point me in the right direction!
  4. A

    SL500 with AMG kit £10,450

    Not been on here for ages..... no Mercedes of our own now. This is my Dads... 3rd car and just not used, garaged and covered. 500SL - Owned for 9.5 years by my father - 46,000miles - Silver with anthracite leather, full factory fitted AMG bodykit, updated front grill. MOT November 2016...
  5. D

    1977 450 sl on copart not classified U

  6. I

    116 450 SEL - might be worth a short trip?

    MERCEDES 450 SE 4.5 V8 W116 Recommissioned BARN FIND 126K Miles EX Wedding Car | eBay Seems an honest description, might be a good project at less money?
  7. W

    450 body parts

    Hello All, I am new to this forum and am the proud owner of a 1979 450 sl. I am wondering whether anyone knows of a reliable source of breaker parts. I am in need of both front wings, lower front grille and a heater blower. Would be grateful for any information Many thanks
  8. gunning

    Another new project. 450 SLC

    Yesterday I went to a well known Mercedes enthusiast in my area. Was amazed to find he had 40+ Mercedes in a mixture of his garages. The one I had my eye on was a 1979 450 SLC. Covered in protective oil (the garage wasn't damp but he is OCD) it needs some work as it's been stood for four...
  9. T

    450 SLC from a French Farmhouse!

    Good morning and hello to one and all. I have just 'acquired' a 1979 SLC450 (pictures to follow when I can work out how). Found in a French farmhouse, it hadn't seen the light of day since 2002. A battery and a bit of encouragement and it fired up on 13 year old fuel! Still UK registered...
  10. C

    SLC 450 - Anyone Know This One? Any Thoughts?

    I recently saw this ad for an 89 SLC and was rather taken with the car. I confess that the colour scheme - and the interior in particular - was what attracted me, but I wondered if I was in danger of committing myself to something regrettable! SLC COUPE 450 For Sale (1979) on Car And...
  11. mbenz1977

    54 reg mercedes c200cdi avantgarde se auto diesel £3,450

    54 reg mercedes c200cdi avantgarde se auto diesel £3,450 54 reg mercedes c200cdi avantgarde se auto diesel mot until december 2015, service history, cruise control,full black leather interior, 3 previous owners, rear parking sensors, very good condition inside and out .car needs is front discs...
  12. D

    mercedes 450 sel 6.9 with new mot

    Rare Mercedes-Benz S Class 450 SEL 6.9 | eBay
  13. mercmush

    Brand new 450 SEL 6.9 for sale!

    Yes you read it right, a brand new 450 SEL 6.9 for sale from 1978 and in authentic Milan brown. The only snag is that it's for sale in Qatar. However I'm currently living and working here, should I or shouldn't I? Petrol is 1 QR a litre which is roughly 17 pence and the car is approx. 13,900...
  14. D

    Value of a '78 USA-spec R107 450 SL

    Hi there, My husband's dad is clearing out his shed in Northern Idaho and has asked us if we'd like to buy his 450 SL. It has c. 40k miles, is in superb mechanical condition and is finished in rust-free black over black leather. The hard top comes with the car, too. Of course, it's a...
  15. BillyW124

    1979 Mercedes 450 SEL Vs. Mercedes S 350 CDI

    Cars and Joy » The Struggle Between two Different Mercedes Generations#
  16. W

    AMG M120 E60 with 450 PS and 610 Nm

    Has anybody here heard of this rare AMG M120 E60 version? Is supposed to have 450 PS and 610 Nm. Seems to be the export version for the Far East of this 324 kW/441 PS and 600 Nm version. See picture. And more in the article. ISSUU - AMG CNM 01/2005 by Werbeagentur Frank Bode GmbH Page 28 and up.
  17. M

    450 SEL 6.9 restoration

    Thread coming soon, watch this space. :)
  18. Mblinko

    450 sel 6.9 !

    This will make a nice project ..... Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9 | eBay
  19. P

    ML 450 sunroof and window switch

    My sunroof switch on the ML 450 broke, and I have a repacement yet do not know how to open sun roof switch plate to replace switch. Also, my window switches are worn and I have to hunt for the right connection to open and lower windows. I have a repalcement yet do not know how to remove window...
  20. J

    2 x 450 SLC's

    Selling my two 450 SLC's... Funding my new house... But I've seen a tidy SEC (just don't tell the other half!) Two Mercedes 450 SLC
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