1. N

    C200 CDi 2009 46k Miles, Sat Nav, Leather

    Thought I'd post this here, my dad is selling his C200 CDi 2009 '09' which has many extras like full leather, command sat nav, folding mirrors, only 46k miles in very good condition. Initially serviced with MB then swapped over to Steve in Maidstone. Just passed MOT and has some tax. Silver, has...
  2. S

    2004 S350 FMBSH 46k miles - or swap for your

    Ok guys, I think time to sell my car, it's on pistonheads now... I am really selling due to lack of use, need a car for my wife instead, (She won't drive the S) - so would love to px with cash my way for your car. Pretty flexible with regards to what I'm looking for, as long as it's clean...
  3. D

    300CE AMG, 46k miles on eBay

    Also has anyone spotted the 300ce AMG on ebay ? Looks lovely but would have thought that someone would have snapped it up by now if it's that genuine as the seller describes. (item number 150347575525) Thanks!
  4. aka$h

    Catalytic Converter failed on 1998 SL280 46k???

    I recently bought my SL and I drove the car this morning to ifnd a rattle from under the car, initially thought nothing of it and thought it might just be because its cold. The engine warmed up and the noise got worse, so I took it into Kwik-fit (the only people open on a sunday). The guy put...
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