1. jacksona

    My 4th Merc in a row is coming this week [emoji3]

    Due to my company's car policy, sadly the CLS has to go, as it's too old. I'm replacing it with an SLK 250 CDI. Did go to look at a 350, but it was in a real state, so walked away. The 250 will be plenty for now (although may get a remap at some point), and much better than the CLS now my...
  2. N

    Shere Hill Climb nr G'ford, Sept 4th, £12.

    Shere Hill Climb
  3. M

    No response in 3rd or 4th gear

    Hi everyone, since getting my car last week and getting to know it (c220 cdi 2011) a couple of things need to be sorted firstly power is ok when going from 1st to 2nd gear but when I put the foot down in 3rd there is not a lot - no turbo or acceleration. this is annoying because on the...
  4. P

    W210 E55 AMG needed for 4th November photoshoot at MB World

    Hi there, I am writing a feature on three generations of AMG E-Classes for Piston Heads and we are looking for a W210 E55 AMG (saloon or estate) to shoot at Mercedes Benz World on Wednesday 4th November, alongside our W211 E55 AMG and the latest E63 AMG press car. If you own a W210 E55 AMG...
  5. G

    Santa Pod RWYB Sat 4th July

    Hello, I'll be running my old SL55 there this weekend against a mate with a 997.1GT3. I'll probably not take his scalp unless he completely fluffs it (or catches fire - fingers crossed), however is anyone else attending? Thanks, P
  6. John Jones Jr

    Anglia Car Auctions 4th April

    Saturday 4th April 2015 - Anglia Car Auctions
  7. J

    New to Forum but on 4th Mercedes!

    Hi There, currently drive a 2008 W211, E220 Estate, glad to be amongst the group. Regards.
  8. R

    track day @ GW 4th November

    I see yesterday from the PH site, a track day at Goodwood on the 4th November, any of you regular TD guys going on this, was thinking, I could do with a day out, the outings on TDs this year have been really poor, but not sure who's day this one is, but research says RMA, who are they? any...
  9. z4hid

    Ipad 4th genration 32gb, wifi and 3g/4g

    Black 32GB WIFI & 3G/4G with retina display and lightening cable connection In mint condition, looks brand new. No scratches, marks or dents Only used a handful of times Complete with box and accessories Factory unlocked to take any SIM card Looking for £350
  10. GlenQ

    iPad 4th Generation

    Selling my iPad 4 in white. It's a 32Gb WiFi with Cellular (unlocked) running IOS 7 Boxed in 'as new' condition with NO marks or scratches. Perfect Christmas present. Collect from Derbyshire or I will post via SD. £415 + delivery Or see it on eBay here: Apple iPad 4th Generation with...
  11. jaymanek

    Midlands GTG Sunday 4th August - Mercland Nuneaton

    Hi All, Getting Here: Mercland, 95 Whittleford Rd, Nuneaton, CV10 9JD You are looking for this (not current prices im afraid) At this end of the building (Same end as the pole sign) there is an entrance that leads to the rear of the building. I will be here from early on...
  12. jaymanek

    GTG Sunday 4th August - Mercland, Nuneaton DATE NOW AGREED

    I know it seems like ages away but missed having a GTG last couple of years, so who's up for it? Preferred dates? 26 August is a Bank Holiday Monday so maybe the 25th? or are people going away that weekend? Also anyone know if any major sporting or motorsport events on any of the Sundays in...
  13. R129mine

    R129 limp mode or stuck in 4th gear.

    Hi I recently started having gearbox problems again. It oft stuck on limp mode or 4 th gear and them went back to normal for a bit. It always seemed to happen when accelerating quickly and often warning light would come on briefly I took it to pcs who diagnosed purge valve issue and all is...
  14. ringway

    Tatton Park Autojumble, Classics & Performance Show. Cheshire 2nd - 4th of June.

    This is usually a good event. LINK. 2012 is a 3 day Jubilee Special!!! 2000+ Classic Car Spectacular & Cheshire Auto-jumble in the 26th year at Tatton Park. 90+ top car club displays with many clubs holding their northern nationals at this massive event, up to 600 private entries too, Large...
  15. L

    Hello and help!!!!!!! Gearbox seems to be stuck in 4th gear

    Hi! I'm new at this kind of thing but have been advised by a friend to give it a whirl!!!!! I have a 52 c270 cdi elegance. The car only has about 95000 miles on it but we are having problems with gear box. It seems to be stuck in 4th gear and will not change up, the tip tonic is also no longer...
  16. markjay

    Chelsea AutoLegends 4th September 2011

    Chelsea AutoLegends
  17. RaceDiagnostics

    Event this weekend in Linlithgow 4th September

    Came across this on the interweb Classic Car Day 2011 looks like it could be a good event for those not on the marathon trip round Scotland.
  18. ringway

    NW Cheshire GTG at The Dog Inn - September?

    Having looked at the NW and Curry GTG threads I thought it would be simpler and tidier to start a new "Dog" thread here. Wednesday 10th of August at The Dog Inn - Wellbank Lane, Over Peover, Nr. Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 8UP. LINK. We usually meet at around 7.00pm. All welcome and I...
  19. Alps

    TRAX 2011 Silverstone Sunday Sept 4th

    TRAX time again, last year we had a great turnout with a lovely range of cars from MBClub including a large number of AMG`s, its a great day out, some quality and some appauling cars, we had an excellent turnout from MBClub last year, and it was great to put names to faces to cars! lets try and...
  20. S

    Driving tour in Scotland Sept 3rd and 4th

    Following on from Seans, Keith and my discussion what the lads on MBC need is a trip of driving around here http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/general-discussion/106988-day-out-shed-celebrate-solstice.html The idea is to meet up on Loch Lomond around 8am and undertake the following I recommend...
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