1. V

    F type R - 5.0 supercharged V8 4wd

    Considering this as a potential replacement for my 204 C63. Love the new E63S but prices are silly. 205 C63 S coupe is also beautiful but again the right spec is silly money and not many with good spec for sale. So this brings us to the F, anyone drive one? Would have to be the supercharged...
  2. D

    mercedes 300e 4matic lhd polish reg rare model 4wd for parts or repairs

    1990 mercedes e300 4matic AWD, LHD, project rare | eBay
  3. stevebgt1

    RWD with LSD vs 4WD ?

    Ok, big question ? Prob get slated for this by the purists !! Had a good chat today with Birds regarding the Quaife deal for my C63. Kevin Bird , very helpful and knowledgable regarding this mod by the way . Having thought about it all evening , I can't help thinking , should I spend the money...
  4. N

    Mercedes-Benz G Wagen 3.0d 300 GD 3dr 4WD

    Mercedes G300 G WAGEN for sale, 1986 Mercedes G wagon;, Recent import;, Painted in black;, Very good shape;, It has about 60000 miles, new battery, new springs, new shock absorbers, new break pads, and almost new tires., Location of the vehicle is London., BLACK, £10,000 Call 07786952238
  5. BTB 500

    V6 4WD Sprinter, 7,900 miles!

    Being sold by M-B rather than on eBay. Unusual vehicle with very low miles, big money though! Sprinter Dualiner 319 V6 4x4

    Rare W210 E430 4WD?

    Hi All, Is this a rare car as stated or not? MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS ESTATE AUTO 4X4 - LHD LEFT HAND DRIVE - VERY SPECIAL CAR! | eBay
  7. AshC63

    AMG going 4wd on models?

    Been reading a few articles now & curious to see 4wd being unleashed across the AMG's ...When is the next level? :rolleyes: Anyone know anymore intel ?? :cool: More 4wd Mercedes AMG models on the way | Auto Express Hopefully we can see the C63 Prototype at AMG's headquarters in...
  8. BTB 500

    When your 4WD Sprinter isn't up to the job ...

    You need a 6x6 one :) Mercedes Benz Vans and Trucks | 6x6 Oberaigner Sprinter Hopefully costs a bit less than the AMG 6x6 G-Wagen :D
  9. D

    RWD vs 4WD

    Whenever I have this discussion with friends, the choice usually reverts back to their first 'proper' car; it seems very rare that a man that started off in a RWD car will end up preferring 4WD and vise versa. My first proper car was RWD and having driven a few 4WD's (Audi RS4's and RS6 V10...
  10. The _Don

    AWD for next C63

    4wd amgs for the uk Next C-Class AMG will be first to add 4Matic option for UK buyers http://www.pistonheads.com/news/default.asp?storyId=28946
  11. D

    4wd advice

    I've been quiet for the past few weeks, partly because the car I've been driving has been sucking the life out of me. I've put 10k on a rental Mondeo in the last 3 months and can last no more... I want my Mercedes back. This means I need to replace it as a family car, dog wagon, and...
  12. rf065

    Tyre Test, Winter v Summer v 4WD

    This link is for the band of naysayers who refuse to believe that winter tyres have any value in the UK, especially the few who refuse to acknowledge they have any advantage over summer tyres. Jaguar XFR winter tyre test | evo Russ
  13. D

    ML320 4wd system?

    Hi guy's. Please excuse my pure ignorance on this matter but I need some help. 1st I have just got a 1998 320ml for my wife to use for the winter, I did not pay anything for the vehicle. I just fitted discs and pads all round and when on the ramp my mechanic was moving the wheels. This is where...
  14. C

    300 E 4 matic 4WD

    Are these as rare as they are making out? Looks an interesting car all the same...
  15. BTB 500

    The downside to 4WD ...

    ... is when it gives you more grip than the clutch can handle! Towing my caravan into a sodden Hadlow College last Friday I was dead proud about not needing the services of a tractor (even some pukka 4x4s were getting stuck). Peak torque on my Sharan 4Motion (2.8 V6 petrol) isn't...
  16. Richard W

    ML good car or 4WD rolly poly r&*bish?

    Sorry about the controversial title - wanted an honest response to this one! A few questions about MLs: 1. I've had experience of 4WD in many forms, LR, RR, Land Cruisers, etc. and the only one with anything close to decent onroad manners had Bilstein shocks fitted. Is the ML as bad in...
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