1. vijilants

    B service in excess of £500 and they don't even check the state of the air filters !!

    My car came back this week after a B service from the main dealers which was in excess of £500 (no extras) and for this sort of money they didn't even check the state of the air filters. I popped the air filters out today and they were fully clogged up and in a really bad state....see pics. I'm...
  2. MatthewW

    So I needed a £500 runner...

    Afternoon all. Having decided that the main car is having to go back I needed a runner and probably £500 would get me something which might last 6 months. Choices I had thought of were either Corsa, Fiesta, Clio, Polo just any cheap 10 year old car. Which is when I noticed an older guy from...
  3. Reggie-rock

    Used Tax Disc........only £500!!!

    I have just been on ebay and found a modern UK Tax Disc which you could have for a buy it now price of £500, but did not sell for some reason when the auction ended. Do people actually buy these for big money?????
  4. A

    Interior Door Opening Lever Broken £500!!!

    Hi Hope someone can help, the Driver's side interior door opening lever has broken on my C Class W204 2009 model, day before the MoT Due typical!!! Mercedes are saying a replacement can only be bought with a new door card at £535 + VAT (Heck!!!) Obviously want to try and avoid this for...
  5. Derfinn

    R129 xenon headlights for sale £500

    Hi all! I have imported 600SL from Japan to Finland and it has xenon headlight fitted for lefthand drive market (Japan, UK etc). I love those lights and they are in excellent condition but unfortunately I have to sell them because I cannot pass MOT with those lights in Finland due to...
  6. 300CE

    Mercedes benz 190 2.3-16 cosworth 1987 year - Start £500 (BIN £1000.00)

    Needs (a lot of) work but currently no bids - could be worth a punt for the bits alone at £500.00?! Mercedes benz 190 2.3-16 cosworth 1987 year milage 87000 | eBay
  7. D

    £500 Rover 75

    What can possibly go wrong?! Picking it up tomorrow and hoping for the best... 2001 ROVER 75 CONNOISSEUR SE Diesel Taxed & Mot'd High Spec Good Condition | eBay
  8. M

    £500 reward

    Hi all I am offering an award to anyone who can fix my car The reward is on top of parts and labour Basicley I have trouble with my airmatic Sometimes about once or twice a week I start the car and drive off and the rear of the car both sides drops completely it stays down for about 20 mins...
  9. A

    W124 E220 Estate for sale/spare £500

    Hi All, Before I scrap my car I ask you guys, maybe somebody need or have time to take apart and selling as spare parts.... I am leaving the country and therefore I dont need the car anymore . The car itself is in good working order, however it has failed the last MOT because: -The...
  10. Y

    wanted- merc under £500

    as title says! i'd like a merc under £500 :)
  11. M

    190e 2.0 auto (high spec) £500

    Just got too many things going on (extension = loss of driveway, business is busy, etc ), and there's no interest in my 280E, so Plan B is to sell my Nautic Blue 2.0 auto: Car is as pictured except it's now got 4 standard 16V alloys in perfect nick (plus one with some kerbing as the spare)...
  12. S

    I've put £500 on this

    Mercedes-Benz of Hull : Mercedes-Benz E Class Diesel E320 CDI Sport (Euro 4) (7) 4dr Tip Auto Whatcha think. Been after a V6CDi sport for a while and after Gordon Tarling took me out in one at the GTG in Portsmouth, I knew it was a question of when, not if. I cannot justify AMG costs or an...
  13. P

    W124 300TE-24v £500

    This is a friend of mines, it was in daily use by his sister untill it developed a misfire at a guess it comes across ignition related, my friend hasn't got the time to get it sorted, she's replaced it with a golf and just wants the space in the garage back. Takes a while to start and won't idle...
  14. tintinmt

    W124 E280 in the local paper £500

    This is not my car and I don't know the owner but in the Surrey Advertiser this week is a W124 E280 estate. 1994, 176K miles, leather (7 seat?) A/C, Elec roof & seats, 2 owners, MOT & Tax to May. Tel 01428 681600. I guess that is near Haslemere somewhere. Was advertised for £1250 and £750...
  15. I

    18" AMG Type III Alloys Genuine £500 ono

    I'm not selling these.....they're on the other board, but might be of interest to someone here. Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums
  16. B

    e320 cdi no power and £500 lighter

    thanks everone for your advice last time but there is still no power from my mb. the car has just had 2 new injectors and seals new diesel bleed off pipe discs and pads allround and 2 new rear tyres all at the grand cost of £496.76 but when i collected fromthe garage the told me everthing was ok...
  17. newbitz1957

    £500 w126 update!!!

    Have to say that I`m completely hooked, the car has turned out to be far better than originally thought, it looks as if its been ziebarted from new, the panel under the rear screen looks as if its brand new, the boot and cabin are bone dry, even after all the rain we`ve had!!! ,theres a few...
  18. M

    Movember - Your support please £1100 Raised!

    Hi, This November I will be growing a ratty grey moustache. :D Whilst for some this would be an easy decision for me its a real challenge as I have never been able to get a tash looking even acceptable let alone good. For the next month my wife, kids and customers will see a very...
  19. H

    Bargain W123 Two for £500

    2 x mercedes W123 diesel estates | Cars Under £500
  20. B

    300 CE for £500

    seems very cheap? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1989-MERCEDES-300-CE-AUTO-BLACK_W0QQitemZ120323735174QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item120323735174&_trkparms=39%3A1|66%3A2|65%3A7|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14#ebayphotohosting
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