1. kvz2000

    Mercedes,300sl,£5000 or swap/p/x, Scotland

    Lovely car with FSH , 155k miles , mot till March 2017, etc etc phone or email for more details , sell , swap or p/x, would prefer a 123 coupe but anything considered, Thanks Donald
  2. mark_le_b

    £5000 to spend - W210 E55 or W211 E500

    Thoughts on pros/cons of a facelift w210 E55 or a W211 E500 on a £5k budget............. I've previously had an E55 - but wonder if any of you have owned both and have thoughts. I guess W211 E500 is a little more modern..........performance is similar (?) Any input appreciated
  3. 300CE

    Mercedes 300 ce complete cream leather interior (£50.00 start/no bids as yet)

    Full interior with dash, carpets and steering wheel: Mercedes 300 ce complete leather interior | eBay
  4. M

    £5000 reward

    Spotted this intriguing notice in the heart of Belgravia this afternoon. I wonder what was in the bag, who took it, and who wants it back. Must have been something fairly valuable if they bothered to photograph the bag's serial number beforehand - and presumably it was something dodgy...
  5. M

    Early W203 for £5000?

    I have owned an early W202 for 7 years (1993 L Reg C220 Sport auto, petrol, silver, air con,facelift alloys & bumpers) which is still very reliable and rust free at 150K miles, does 2000 mile round trips to Italy/France or Spain every year. My brother is offering me his 1 owner from new early...
  6. nick mercedes

    £5000 for a damaged door....

  7. Seamster15

    Ml320 £5000

    Got offered £5k :eek: for my ML320 (99k, full SH, LPG, Lux pack etc) today P/X.... Seems like residuals are collaspsing......
  8. mercmanuk

    £5000 car wash

    a bit excessive http://cars.msn.co.uk/carnews/fivegrandcarwashmay06/ miracle detail http://www.miracledetail.co.uk/auto-detailing-treatments.html
  9. 230K

    R129 SL300 24V for £5000

    Hi A friend of mine asked me to look at a 1990 SL300 24V which is for sale for around £5000. Car has been sitting for 18months is covered in green mould, scrapes on most wheel arches, tear in the roof, interior all good, few rust spots at edges of panels, engine oil clean, gearbox oil...
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