1. C

    Mercedes E55 AMG TURBO. 500bhp+ supercar slayer beast. MOT Aug 2016- £3500ono

    Basically, it's THE fastest road legal car you get get for the money! £3500ono First up, some performance facts. 60mph to 100mph times, proven using professional Racelogic Timing gear- Not BS Speedo or iPhone app timing... This car- 4.4sec (and numerous 4.5sec runs to back it up). As a...
  2. 300CE

    07/57 Mercedes CLK 63 AMG 6.3 500BHP - CHEAPEST IN THE UK

    Blimey, how much would this have been new?! 07/57 Mercedes CLK 63 AMG 6.3 500BHP...SUPERCAR POWER!! | eBay
  3. Thmsshaun

    Wow 500Bhp On 2 Wheels

    http://videos.streetfire.net/Player.aspx?fileid=D4955F1F-6A32-4B76-9E11-CEB8DBC32E39&p=4 :eek: But very :cool:
  4. Maff

    Supercharges and Turbocharged 500bhp C32

    http://www.autospeed.com/A_1447/page1.html Also has a CLK GTR! (and an F40, F50, Porsche GT1 etc etc)
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