1. P

    W126 500SE alloy wheel centre caps.

    Hi, I am waiting to buy some new centre hub caps for a set of Penta rims that I have I would like to know if anyone knows if standard MB hub caps fit. There seem to be a few different centre cap measurements, from a 66 mm size to 75 mm size. 75 mm appears to be the most common size, but I would...
  2. P

    W126 500SE alloy wheel change.

    Hi, I am interested in views concerning changing the alloy wheels on my W126 to be able to use newer tyres. The car has its' original 14 inch Mexican hat rims, but the choice is very limited for new tyres. The rims are 6 x 14, and about the only tyres that fit are either the very expensive...
  3. SL300-24

    My new 500SE W140

    I thought that you might like to see a few photos of the 500SE W140 that I have just bought from the second owner. It has covered only 41,000 miles from new with a full service and MOT history. It is brilliant silver with grey leather interior, totally standard except for an Alpine CD player...
  4. P

    Mercedes W126 500se.

    Hi, Hi, I would like to find out something about the W126 500se, and does represent a reliable option to the W126 300se ? I have seen a really nice 500se for sale with just over 90,000 miles on the clock and 16 service stamps, nearly all MB main dealer. I find that the 300se has been reliable...
  5. DR1VER

    My 1983 W126 500SE

    Hello everyone, I tend to drift in and out of the forum. Haven't visited for a while as have been without a Mercedes of any significance. I acquired this 500SE back in March, it has covered 52,000 miles with just 2 owners and a full Mercedes service history. Since buying it I have had it...
  6. mercmush

    My old car for sale! w126 500SE smoke silver

    My old car is for sale on eBay. But sadly it has died. Mercedes 500 SE W126 not 300/420/560 SEL/SE/SEC | eBay
  7. T

    W126 500se 1988

    Quick and dirty sales thread until I get home and sort a better one. Selling my 88 merc 500se, in midnight blue, cream leather, 89700 miles, new mot, short tax, good mix of spec, lovely condition. Bar a scratch on rear arch, and one crinkly chrome bumper piece in same side. £2000, car...
  8. B

    Buying a W126 420SE

    Hi everyone, I'm new! I'm thinking of buying a w126 and would be grateful for any tips, what to look for, if it's a good choice for a daily driver etc? I have other cars so it won't be covering big miles. Thanks, Billy
  9. R

    W126 500SE Versus 300SE

    I had a W126 500SE for 2 years a few years ago - loved it. Thinking its time for another W126. Wondering if this time I should try 300SE for economy reasons. What is the real out of town A/B road MPG of the 300SE compared with the 500SE? I'm worried the 300SE will feel underpowered...
  10. 300CE

    Mercedes W126 500SE Almandine Red - FSH (36 Stamps) - 35 Pics (BIN £1350.00)

    Doesn't look to bad for the money and a nice description: Mercedes W126 500SE Almandine Red - Mushroom Leather - FSH (36 Stamps) - 35 Pics | eBay
  11. T

    W126 500se

    Hi all, Can someone please shed some light on a matter for me... Whilst doing some routine check on the engine oil, water etc, i noticed patches of oil around the outside of the rocker cover. There are alot of drible marks running down towards the manafold and wet patches of oil too which...
  12. M

    w126 500SE - mystery petrol leak

    I have a near mint 1984 w126 500SE (30k miles). The car has been in storage for many years and I'm now using it on a regular basis. Other than one of the window motors and switch I haven't had any problems with the car at all - until now. It is leaking petrol, but it is proving impossible...
  13. EDZ649

    Nice 500SE

    1992/J.. Mercedes-Benz 500SE..Superb unmolested example | eBay
  14. K

    nice W126 500SE

    AMG splits, Wald/Zender kit, LPG kit, Becker Grand Prix, bilsteins and some decent money spent on upkeep. Just a shame it doesnt have a bigger LPG tank.
  15. newbitz1957

    500se 1987 parts

    Not on ebay yet but they will be soon.. Friend of mine has broken up a 1987 500se, I`ve had the bumper chrome and the shell has been weighed in bits left are... 2x headlamps 2x rear lamps both door mirrors Pair of fuel pumps radiator grill alternator starter motor good 5.0 V8...
  16. R

    Heater slow on 1991 W126 500SE

    My heater takes about 10 minutes to heat up. Surely that's too long? Any ideas as to the likely fault? Should it heat up more quickly with aircon switched off? Thanks in advance
  17. R

    1991 W1126 500SE rust under rear windscreen - how?

    This is a known weakspot on these cars and mine is now showing first signs of it. My question is how does the water get through? My guess is that water is leaking through between glass and rubber seal? If so is this because seal has dried and contracted slightly and therefore not...
  18. R

    1991 W126 500SE Towing eye?

    Car is stuck in field (don't ask!) Going tomorrow with friend in landrover to tow it out....can't remember where towing eye is? It is facing a hedge so I must tow it from rear, so if towing eye is at front where at the rear should I attach rope? Thanks.
  19. R

    Will this bumper fit my 1991 W126 500SE?

    Mercedes 300 SE Rear Bumper on eBay (end time 11-Sep-10 13:37:08 BST) Thanks Piers
  20. R

    1991 W126 500SE rust bubble on bumper

    I've a couple of tiny rust bubbles on the chrome(?) bumper inserts. Is there anything one can do to slow the progress of this corrosion? Thanks Piers
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