1. I

    Just viewed 500SEC - happy to share

    1984 MERCEDES 500 SEC COUPE | eBay Just returned from a 450 mile round trip to see this. I think the comment about not being disappointed isn't correct. If anyone would like a summary, please pm me. Cheers, Paul
  2. S

    84 500SEC : 2 ->B Gear Selector

    So the other day I decided to check if the first gear start works. I put the gear selector on position 2 and flicked it to the right (B), this made the car more lively! My question is how does one use this: 1. Do you keep the gear selector in the 2->B position and the car will shift up? 2...
  3. S

    Rear seat base hot - 500SEC

    Not sure if this is the right section.. Yesterday evening after a 5-8mile drive, I realised the carpet on the base of rear seats (not the floor) was warm, which I thought was a bit strange. After I got home I removed the rear seat base and the metal part of the body was pretty warm/hot...
  4. S

    Fan always on - 84 500SEC

    Should the big fan in front of the engine bay always be on? I've only tested this when the car is on idle..not sure whether this should come on only when needed or like mine, which is on all the time.
  5. S

    84 500SEC Pads and Discs

    Has anyone had experience with buying pads and discs for a 500 SEC from eurocarparts? I purchased a set of brembo front and rear discs and pads as there was 30% off, today I went to fit the front ones and the discs are wrong and the pads too! Very annoying as we had everything apart and...
  6. S

    84 500SEC Idle Control Unit

    Hello, Anyone got any tips on how to test if this unit is faulty or not? I've taken it apart, does anyone know what's in picture 1 between the black and silver components? Also the solder joints in pic 2 look a dry, so I'll re-solder them to start of with.
  7. abecketts

    500SEC for £19,000

    Seems a tad on the high side Mercedes Benz 500 SEC AMG V8 | eBay
  8. K

    500SEC with Lorinser kit...looks genuine

    Mercedes 500SEC Lorinser w126 SEC not AMG Rare, Project | eBay Handsome beast needing a respray and more but valid MoT. Staggered period Lorinsers. Pleasingly restrained body kit. Check-out the two tone velours interior...that itself is rare, certainly in this country. I hope somebody...
  9. av12ram

    mercedes 500sec breaking

    http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=301632936982&alt=web Breaking this...if anybody wants parts get in touch
  10. John

    Nice 500SEC.

    Nice looking example: MERCEDES 500 SEC W126 V8 | eBay I do prefer the widebody version though.
  11. A

    New 500sec new problems.

    Hi Guys, I recently picked up a 500sec and i have an issue (well more then one but one for now) when i set the timing up to what i think is right (10 btdc with the vac connected ) now to eliminate the possibility of me being a retard looking down at the timing marks i have set it to the 10...
  12. tali

    500sec rare colour change interior

    .......later trim iirc but nice flip in colour:D Mercedes 500 SEC Coupe For Sale (1983) on Car And Classic UK [C524763]
  13. D

    Rare 500SEC Kiddies petrol car!

    Will be interested to see what this fetches..... Doubt it was as expensive as the what the vendor has suggested when new.... Mercedes SEC SL500 Harrods Agostini 1/2 Kids Petrol Car Tot Rod...BARN FIND... | eBay
  14. Somebody

    500sec chrome moldings trim clips

    Dammit, this car is beginning to annoy me now. So I have what appears to be a early 126 500sec, I have no idea what the distinction between a early and a late one is, but all the parts diagrams Mercedes send me according to the car's frame number are wrong. The reason I assume mine is early is...
  15. A

    Swap! Lpg 500sec for lpg cl500/600 or similar!!

    Looking for a swap for my classic in perlescent white 500 sec with affordable (just been serviced) lpg system only £35 to fill... Looking for either a cl500 or cl600 (also with lpg) or similar... If you have anything similar or know someone who does contact me on 07974223669 - alex
  16. R

    New front wings for 500SEC

    Hi Does anyone know a good source? Presume OE are v expensive but are there any good patterns around? Thanks Piers
  17. Somebody

    What fluid, 500sec LSD?

    So, I finally got around to finishing off the maintenance stuff on my 500sec, and I drained out the diff fluid, however I am not sure what I am supposed to fill it with. There is a tag attached to it saying something along the lines of ''warning use special limited-slip diff oil'' or something...
  18. R

    Need Fuel Pump for 1989 W126 500SEC

    1) Does car have 2 fuel pumps? 2) Is this brand at £65 OK? Mercedes 500SEC Fuel Pump replaces 0580254910 Thanks!
  19. R

    Tyre Size for 1989 500SEC? Which brand?

    What is the standard tyre size? Can anyone recommend a brand that suits the car well? Thanks Piers
  20. R

    Mercedes Specialist Near Norfolk for 500SEC?

    Hi Guys, I've now bought a 1989 500SEC which needs re-commissioning after many years of storage. Had a pre-purchase inspection and the list of fixes needed includes aircon, seat backs not flipping forward, seatbelt presenters, cruise control and a fuelling issue. I'm near Fakenham in...
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