1. h17n dj

    W126 500SEL M117 Rebuild

    Good Afternoon Guys and Girls, As the title suggests, I'm wanting to do an engine rebuild on the above engine. Purely because my valve stem oil seals need renewing and with mileage being 158K, the timing chain, tensioner etc could do with renewing. I might aswell do a top end rebuild. Any...
  2. G

    500sel amg

    Hi everyone, I've just joined because I've got some interesting news about a car I know. My uncle has a 500SEL AMG - I cannot describe how cool this car is. Now pre-merger AMG cars are rare, as I'm learning. This car has never been touched or modified, it still has all the black accents...
  3. grosser panzer

    W126 500sel

  4. mercmush

    w126 500SEL for 28k anyone?

    On Autotrader an undeniably handsome and low mileage 500 SEL but look at the asking price?! Mercedes-Benz Sel Series 5.0 4dr
  5. av12ram

    w126 gearbox

    Hi, just wanted to know if anybody had a w126 500sel gearbox. Mine is on its last legs and I'd rather not do a gearbox rebuild. So if anybody has one or can point me in the direction of one it'd be much appreciated. Thanks
  6. 219

    W126 500sel

    After 4-1/2 years of enjoyment , I have decided it is time to move on from W126 ownership . This is a 1986 500SEL on a 'D' registration . The car is in DB 199 Blue/Black with Mushroom leather interior ; it has two electric front seats and the electric reclining rear seat . The old R12 air con...
  7. D

    W126 500SEL Lorinser spec, white, 2 Owners

    Handsome old thing with the LO staggered wheels, Lorinser kit?, white.... Only thing working against it possibly it being an earlier spec, being a 1985 year model?.... 1985 MERCEDES SEL 500 LORINSER 55K MILES FMSH | eBay
  8. swannymere

    1987 Mercedes 500SEL £800

    This is for sale on another forum i frequent. Mercedes 500SEL
  9. mct_cars

    500SEL - Check out the interior!

    :eek: 1987 Mercedes-Benz 500 Standard Car 4973cc Petrol | eBay
  10. jaymanek

    Mercedes 500SEL Restoration - Carat Duchatelet/AMG

    Well we love our restorations on MBClub, so here is one I have been working on. p.s. mods I cannot seem to post this in the projects section? So ive had this late 1991 500SEL sitting in my garden for years. I bought as a job lot with a few W126 to break. However this was always too good to...
  11. h17n dj


    At the moment i have the 15" alloys that come standard on the 500SEL's and i am looking at getting another set that would look good on the SEL......... choices people?????
  12. GordonTarling

    Superb 500SEL!

    Surely someone here will buy this? Daum Nancy Crystal Mercedes-Benz 500 SEL1:14 Car Automobile Near Mint 14"x5"x4" | eBay It'd look great on Jay's desk!
  13. GSD

    Mercedes 420 SEL / 500SEL Genuine Amg Body Kit

    Not sure if it is complete :confused: Mercedes 420 SEL/ 500SEL Genuine Amg Body Kit | eBay
  14. h17n dj

    w126 500SEL

    Hi there, I am looking for some headlamp wiper blades for my 1991 w126 500SEL. Doe you stock these and how much are they? Also looking for a K&N air filter too as don't like paper filters plus they are lifetime filters Thanks in advance Hiten
  15. janner

    500SEL Diesel

  16. D

    W126 500SEL with 'unknown' wheels & bodykit

    This one looks quite interesting but I couldnt verify what the kit or wheels are, there is no mention of both in the ad either..... looks nice either way... 1986 MERCEDES 500 SEL AUTO BLACK | eBay UK
  17. tali

    500SEL rare and chintzy

    (Sold )-http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MERCEDES-BENZ-W126-500SEL-/130511664883?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item1e6319f6f3&afsrc=1#ht_500wt_1156 Very rare red velour -how cool is that:bannana: Also rather rare for having hubcaps as most 500sel are alloys
  18. dervdoc

    88 w126 500sel,

    just done a deal for this wagon, 1988 500sel, usual extras-black leather etc... 170k miles, drives like a dream, plenty of poke too, few wee rust spots round her but nothing that cant be sorted out c&c welcome
  19. d w124

    500sel w126

    This looks nice,might be good for someone here Mercedes 500 SEL (126) on eBay (end time 28-Feb-11 21:02:23 GMT)
  20. P


    I have for sale a Mercedes 500 SEL... The car is on only 106k miles, just flew through the MOT with no advisories, so comes with 12 months ticket, but no tax. The engine is sound, doesnt smoke or rattle and pulls very well for such a large car. Just had new aux belts. Body is in good...
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