1. B

    CLK W209 Strange Roof Problem

    Hi guys - wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what could be causing this issue. After a long drive, or if the car has been sat in the sun and has got really hot, the roof will not open. The windows come partially down and the front section of the roof slightly detaches but the back is...
  2. B

    CLK 55AMG Burning Oil

    Hi guys - quick question. Had my 03 CLK 55 for two years. Used to go through a litre to 1.5 litre of Mobil 1 0-40 every 2000miles. It's now down to 700 miles before I get a message asking to top up a litre. No blue smoke and no leaks as far as I can see. Any ideas what might be causing this...
  3. Sonny Burnett

    patten wings on and painted. W208 55AMG

    Hey guys, Finally have my euro car part wings on, surprisingly good fit. Had a lot of drama with this car, nothing to do with drivability, but the corrosion was the worst i have seen - Think old sprinter. any way underneath its like brand new. fitment of the new wings is not 100%...
  4. B

    Slk 55AMG - performance pack ? Can you tell?

    Looking at a 2007 SLK55 AMG On my bucket list to own The car has the split rim alloys of the performance pack but not advertised as such How can I tell If the seller is unaware I don't want to say !! Thanks
  5. P

    Loosing power please help

    Sorry to bother you I'm sure you've been asked before but please can you help...... I've had my cls 55 amg for about 2 months and I love it but when I drive it hard (which isn't very often) the power goes... the revs stay the same and it still sounds like I'm going fast but it's not...
  6. dotmikes

    EXHUASTCLK W208 55AMG to CLK W208 230K

    Hi all, isit possible to fit W208 CLK 55AMG muffler to a W208 CLK 230K Advantgarde? thank you.
  7. Swift1092

    55amg throttle body gasket

    Can anybody tell me if the throttle body gaskets on my 55k are reusable or a replacement will be required? Thanks
  8. 7om

    55AMG expert ideas? Bad noises...

    Hi, Just wondering if any 55 AMG owners have had this issue. At first I suspected the tensioner idler bearing but on closer inspection this afternoon, the noise seems to be coming from the supercharger rotating thing behind the pulley. With the belt removed there's a bit of play when...
  9. jotter22

    SLK 55AMG questions.

    Theoretically if you was putting together a s/c conversion for a 171 55 SLK what would it comprise of? To make it safe and reliable. What cost would you be looking at what time span for the work and what performance would be expected? Would it be a worth while conversion or would the cost...
  10. astamir

    clk w208 55amg front wings

    Hi guys Sorting out the rust before im taking it for a full respray and front wings are badly rusted and already few times repaired so cant reuse them for sure Give me a shout if someone has them or breaking one and if you know where to get them from Thanks in advance
  11. astamir

    W208 55amg oil filter housing removal

    Hi guys wish you all the best As it says in the topic of the thread I'm trying to remove the oil filter housing to change the seal under it, and needed help to identify the size of the bolt that fits inside the housing Going through the mb forums I found the thread where the same job was done on...
  12. B

    55 AMG Engine Build

    Video in German showing a 55 Engine being Built. Might have been posted before, not sure, but here goes anyway YouTube
  13. C

    slk 55amg gearbox

    Hi i have recentley bought a 55amg when warm the box is fine but when cold and going down the box when it gets to second and first it goes in with a jerk and first is mors so. Its just had a major service at mercedes and they have changed the gearbox oil also. Any ideas.
  14. F

    W208 CLK 55AMG: fuel tank removal, corroded petrol & brake pipes

    My 2000 CLK55 AMG failed its MOT today, the tester said a petrol pipe above the diff was badly corroded and leaking, The garage said that to replace would probably involve removal of the fuel tank, exhaust, rear diff & rear sub-frame. They were not interested in doing the work due to the...
  15. B

    55AMG tuning

    What stages are there available and cost. I'm not too fussed about big gains (if at all) but I'd like to hear the s/c more.
  16. R

    "Autocar" looking for a CLS 55AMG

    May be of interest: Do you own a CLS 55 AMG? - Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums
  17. Jimbo2009

    SLK 55 AMG *advice*

    Hi All, I have recently purchased the SLK 55 AMG pictured, from a specialist Porsche dealer. As a policy they buy a couple of different cars to keep the showroom interesting, this was one of them. As they are a Porsche specialist, they have only offered me a 3month warranty, they were...
  18. glojo

    55AMG+Kompressor or 6.3AMG

    Okay oh learned ones, Do we prefer the new very nice normally aspirated 6.3AMG or the engine it has replaced (on some models) the supercharged 55AMG and why.
  19. M

    163 ML 55AMG load area covers

    I am new to this forum so dont really know what I am doing, if this is posted please could anyone tell me if the boards that fit behind the rear seats to stop everything in the boot rolling down under the seats are different on the AMG due to the spare wheel being in the rear.Or if they are the...
  20. F

    W08 55AMG rear discs removal?

    my rear discs need skimming, thought easy, take off the caliper remove the securing disc bolt and pull off... no. There's brake shoes in there for the foot brake! And there's something like a spring holding back the disc stopping me pulling it off. Anyone know how to disconnect the springs...
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