1. gbjeppm

    560 sec 1988

    My SEC is now up for sale on ebay, if any members here are interested. 1988 Mercedes 560 SEC 126 Coupe | eBay Restoration thread on MBClub here https://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/general-discussion/176589-new-me-560-sec.html
  2. jaymanek

    Detailed the AMG 560 SEC today

    New front seats added last year...
  3. jaymanek

    My Grey 560 SEC

    My new daily car to replace my C43 AMG. NO Plans to modify this car at all. Its a car I have been courting for a while. Local owner. Well cared for and relatively low mileage example.
  4. T

    560 sec

    Looks in good condition, I wonder what the reserve is Mercedes 560 SEC | eBay is?
  5. WDB124066

    W126 560 Carat By Duchatelet

    Now this is something a little bit special... Mercedes Benz 560 Carat By Duchatelet | Trade Me You could put it in a box with this if you like.... http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/classifieds-cars-sale/218409-w124-500e-sale.html#post2401471
  6. slfanuk

    560 SEC Wanted - Condition NOT Important

    Hi, I new on here but have been an MB fan/owner/collector for a while. What I am looking for is an SEC 560 for myself. I don't mind the overall condition of the vehicle as I am proposing some 'updates' to the body and the interior of the car, I would prefer the running gear to be...
  7. I

    Gen 2 560 SEC Sunroof

    Hello I am looking for a gen2 560 SEC complete sunroof to buy.
  8. I

    MOMO AMG in 560 SEC 1987

    Hello, I have a 1987 560 SEC, and I am wondering if I can fit the MOMO AMG steering wheel. The only issue is that that my SEC,s current steering wheel has an airbag, will I be able to fit the MOMO steering wheel?
  9. C

    560 sec speedo over reading

    Gents Have noticed the speedo on my 89 560 sec is over reading considerably compared to my other cars, using the Waze iPhone app and its GPS as a baseline. Eg 40 on Waze = 48-49 on speedo 60 on Waze = 70-72 on speedo Is this a common problem? I have standard 215/65/15 tyres and tyre...
  10. rajinder_1

    560 SEC koenig!

    Mercedes sec 560 Koenig | eBay £40k !!!
  11. D

    mercedes 560 sec convertible RHD not seen another like it

    Rare Mercedes 560SEC Convertible, Full Electric Roof, Best colour Combination | eBay
  12. streetsupercars

    did anyone buy the 1000sec 560 that was being sold

    Another car I should have bought It was white with tan suede leather on a G reg I think Would be nice to know if it went to a club member !
  13. C

    560 sec LSD/diff rebuild

    Folks - my diff (LSD is tbc) needs a rebuild. A change of oil has not improved matters and actually made it worse (need to confirm the garage used correct oil) Can anyone recommend a company to rebuild ? I'm based in London but will look to ship the item nationally - would especially like to...
  14. D

    w108 280se 5.5 v8 with 560 sel gear what for each to his own??!!!

    Mercedes 280SE 5.5-litre V8 1971 with 560SEL running gear | eBay
  15. C

    560 sec ht leads

    Looking to replace mine with standard Beru items, maybe magnecor 7mm leads. Any experience or recommendation out there? Cheers Shirish
  16. C

    560 sec head gasket failure?

    Gents, the 560 sec I've owned for all of 2 weeks has what I believe to be a failed or failing head gasket. Main symptoms are continuos white smoke with a slightly sweet smell to it from cold idle, even when left idling long enough to for temps to reach 60 deg c. Took it on an a-road blast...
  17. clklover

    560 SEC before and after wheel change & lowered

    So here is my SEC before with the AMG Penta wheels and after with Lorinser RS90, got 20mm spacers coming for the rears. It has been lowered but I might lower a little more on the rear self levelling system. (need opinions as im never satisfied with my own cars and cant tell if im just being too...
  18. D

    1985 560 sel

    1986 MERCEDES 560 SEL AUTO BLUE | eBay
  19. C

    560 sec owner

    So after a few disappointing viewings and missed opportunities, I finally bought a SEC Mercedes 560 SEC SOLD (1989) on Car And Classic UK [C741330] Picked it up Thursday from the seller who lives 5 mins away from home and wafted back Nice example, huge history, low owners and with lots of...
  20. D

    560 sel without engine gearbox for somebody with engine n gearbox tovit in

    Mercedes-Benz W126 560SEL No engine/gearbox Spares or Repair | eBay
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