1. abecketts


    This looks interesting as a restoration project, can't understand why the owner has let it languish on the drive for 3 years though. I wonder what lies beneath? Mercedes 560 SEC 1990 V8 2 Door Coupe | eBay
  2. Red C220

    What paint code colour is this 560SEC?

    Malachite Green? Spruce Green? They both seem to have the same paint code of 249 so I guess it's the same colour but different names for different markets? Whatever, I like it and really suits the car.
  3. 5

    w126 560sec 6.0

    Mercedes benz 560 SEC AMG 1986 6.0ltr 32 valve quad cam | eBay This looks quite rare, not clued up on the 126 series but a 6.0l should be pretty rare. I don't think its a real hammer though?! Worth checking out though, would be good to run the VIN through EPC.
  4. gbjeppm

    Removing Rear Calipers from a C126 560SEC

    Hi All, I had a look at removing the rear calipers on my SEC at the weekend. The two 19mm bolts will not move at all. Primarily because there does not seem to be enough room to get a breaker bar on them. The spring, parts of the SLS system are all in the way, and I just cannot get any...
  5. CreosoteChris

    560SEC Parts Car (Surrey) Apparently Free to Interested MBClub Reader

    Posting here to give this post some exposure Note - I am not connected in any way with the vehicle or OP, just thinking that 560SEC owners may not have spotted the original post with original title in original location Regards Chris 93 220CE, auto, red / black leather, 104k...
  6. M

    Wonderful 560SEC 6.0 AMG

    See here: AMG 6.0 / 32V DOHC Breit Virion M117/9 For Sale (1990) on Car And Classic UK [C585291] - the car definitely has attitude. I'm guessing that this is a "If you have to ask 'how much', you can't afford it" moment :(
  7. abecketts


    http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=221670613548 It looks wonderful but is there a tale to tell on this one?
  8. mct_cars

    560SEC Carat 1 Owner

    Nice car, like the Carat kit on them, and looks good in this colour. Would have looked better for me with Beige Leather but that's my taste. MERCEDES 560 SEC AUTO BLUE COUPE | eBay
  9. gbjeppm

    Advice disconnecting seats on a 560SEC

    All I am trying to remove the seats on my 88 560SEC, which has heated and memory seats. I have disconnected the smaller cables, and the vacuum, but there is still a thick loom that goes into what looks like a circuit board covered by a big plastic shroud. There does not seem to be an...
  10. french


    Wow this has fetched rather a lot ??? MERCEDES 500SEC AMG LPG (PROJECT) | eBay
  11. R

    The Journey starts here...

    Hello and a big thank you to all MBC forum contributors for the wealth of knowledge I've already obtained from this site free of charge. I hope i'm not going to start annoying the big guns with my mundane newbie questions, however its probably inevitable I'll ask a few threadenders along the...
  12. tali

    K reg 560sec......

    ......Mercedes 560 Sec W124 300 Diesel Convert | eBay
  13. arfan786

    w126 560sec starting up issue

    hi guys I need help and advice another problem which i dont need with the car i am currently trying to sort out the suspension issues on my sec. However today i am faced with a new issue with car it starts from cold no problem but after running for a while or driving and switching the car off...
  14. M

    oh no... I just bought a 560SEC!

    hello everyone, I've been a member on here for a couple of years - but when i joined ia had a w210 e300td estate... got that running beautifully and then someone decided to drive into the side of it, pushing it 5ft, up the curb sideways, and into a wall (still drove afterwards though - what a...
  15. M

    560SEC gearbox - is it actually specific to the 560?

    Im reading conflicting stuff online, some people claim to have fitted 500SEC boxes and others claim they arent interchangeable. My 560SEC engine is super, pulls strongly etc. Transmission has rough/slammy Reverse and Flaring from 2nd to 3rd, has 170k miles on it, so not surprised. 500SEC...
  16. arfan786

    hi newbie with 560sec

    hi guys just thought i would introduce myself i am new to mercedes world having just invested in a red Mercedes 560 SEC AMG styling. there is a link to my car posted by a fellow member (WOBLYNNE) from the detailing world who worked his magic on my car. i will post images of my car soon...
  17. G

    Help! 560sec front end sitting too high

    Front end is sitting right up in the air by about 2 inches more than the rear which seems to be the correct height. Seems to get worse after filling up with petrol. I'm stumped!
  18. 300CE

    Mercedes 560SEC - For Spares - £450.00 with make offer

    not sure if this is any good to anyone for parts: Mercedes 560SEC coupe' | eBay
  19. mct_cars

    560SEC - Red

    Nice. Thought red would look pants in the SEC, but it works with that kit. 1988 MERCEDES 560 SEC AMG AUTO RED | eBay
  20. AMG Steve

    Spotted this 500SEC for sale....

    Nothing to do with me BUT this is lovely, thought you might like to see if your actively looking for a 500 1982 Mercedes - Benz 500 SEC (black) For Sale on Car And Classic UK [C329955] Steve
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